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Giving thanks is a lifestyle and an attitude that should be practiced throughout the year.

The ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE. Every year, I find that people are most thankful around the holidays and it is great to see people with positive energy giving thanks and spreading the love. However, giving thanks is a lifestyle and an attitude that should be practiced throughout the year.

We shouldn’t just show our appreciation for our family, friends or colleagues during the holidays. We should show it all year round and be focused on giving rather than taking. In sports, we are in the industry of relationships and growth. Giving thanks and showing gratitude is a simple way to keep growing and developing authentic relationships.

As a society we often get so focused on ME that we forget about the WE. It’s imperative that we remember to be thankful for everything and everyone that we have. Here’s what I mean.

· Don’t wait till the holidays to tell your parents that you love them and are thankful for their support.

· Don’t wait till the holidays to tell your best friend that you are thankful for his/her friendship.

· Don’t wait till the holidays to thank your co- workers for a job well done.

· Don’t wait till the holidays to tell your children that you are proud of them.

· Don’t wait till the holidays to thank a stranger for doing something nice for you.

· Don’t wait till the holidays to tell your significant other that you are thankful for their love.

In sports business, we are constantly competing against thousands of other people to build relationships and land our dream job. One way to stand out is to show your appreciation for those that help you on your journey.

Every time you meet someone new at a networking event or through an interview or as a guest speaker in your class, give thanks. Show them that you care and send a thank you note. Don’t wait till the end of the semester or till the holiday/summer break to do this. Make it a priority to give thanks all year round and you will be surprised with how many more relationships can be created and developed.

Make a commitment to yourself to give thanks all year round. Showing gratitude and giving thanks doesn’t have to be a grand gesture; it can simply be a text or buying someone a drink to show your gratefulness. The biggest thing is to share your appreciation with others. Not only is giving thanks a nice thing to do, but it will help develop and maintain meaningful relationships. Whether people will admit it or not, everyone loves when someone thanks them. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and makes them feel warm and cheerful on the inside.

I hope that this article serves as a friendly reminder to be appreciative for all that you have and that you will continue to give thanks in aspects of your life.

I challenge you to share this post and TAG AT LEAST 3 PEOPLE you are thankful for as a way of publicly showing your gratitude to the people that mean the most to you.

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