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Gratitude in Business: A Game Changer

  • Thnks is the leading relationship building platform where customers can instantly send personalized gestures of appreciation.
  • Ideal for business development, Thnks makes it easy to send gratitude on-the-go.

Sports fans are back. Ticket sales are on the rise and stadium seats are filling up. The return to normalcy means sales teams are challenged with continuing to build relationships with their best customers while distractions abound. Thnks provides a way to stay connected with thoughtful gestures in a convenient, timely, and personal way. In just thirty seconds, you can share a memorable token of appreciation, and the ability to grow your business with gratitude.

Sending Thnks can be seamlessly integrated into the commute back home from the in-person meeting, while also being utilized for those who’ve adapted to the virtual world – and plan to stay. Margaritas or coffee with a client can still happen anytime, and anywhere. Thousands of items are available instantly by text or email to send Thnks to prospects and clients while boosting engagement and retention. Whether connecting for the first time, reconnecting, up-selling, or closing the deal, this turnkey platform motivates people to be grateful and proactively thoughtful. Thnks is the winning ticket to crossing the finish line. 

Showing gratitude is a simple way to help your business grow and thrive. It can enhance professional relationships and help you stand out amongst the competition. “Gratitude has the power to re-shape the way people do business. At Thnks we truly believe that the companies which enable their people to share gratitude as a part of their daily habits, are going to find the most success.” – Brendan Kamm, CEO and Co-Founder of Thnks

When the Columbus Crew Premium Sales team was tasked with filling the suites and club seats in their new stadium, they knew building relationships with their clientele would be their key to success. With that in mind, the sales team didn’t hesitate to leverage the Thnks platform to send strategic tokens of thanks to their clients. Items like “Thnks a Latte” coffees, branded stadium seat cushions, Grubhub lunches, and several other thoughtful gestures of gratitude, were sent to clients to strengthen and nurture valuable relationships. Their efforts boasted a 93% open rate and helped  them to completely sell out their club seats and suites. 

“We here at The Crew are thankful for our new stadium, and the fact that Thnks helps us share that gratitude with our premium customers has been a powerful relationship building tool. Thnks helped us meet our sales goal, but more importantly helped us establish better bonds with our fans and clients.” – Colin Cook, Director of Sales at Columbus Crew

A success story like this all starts with getting your messages read, but as the digital arena continues to grow at an accelerated pace, sales teams are faced with issues of their own. Especially in today’s climate, where digital interaction has increased as people work from home. With distractions coming from every direction, the digital noise has become deafening and now, more than ever, it’s critical to break through the clutter and reach out in unique ways. 

These factors were the impetus for Thnks to create 7 Tactics to Move Prospects Through Your Pipeline Faster with Gratitude, an ebook that just launched. This will serve as a tool to provide tactics to help sales teams better establish relationships with those they strive to do business with, or already are. The ebook addresses seven key tactics to capture – and keep – attention by providing a game plan to strengthen connection. First impressions are long lasting and Thnks shares tools to get messages read and elicit a response back. From introducing ways to incorporate gratitude in your initial exchanges, to demonstrating active listening, the end result will be how to separate yourself from the competition. 

We all know time is the most valuable thing a person can ever spend. Therefore, the best way to achieve a quality relationship with somebody is to show them appreciation and gratitude for theirs. Thnks simply facilitates this crucial relationship building tactic in a way you can’t find anywhere else. It’s easy, efficient, and works for everybody, from individuals to large enterprise teams.

Many Thnks to this platform for making our lives easier, one kind gesture at a time.