About the Award

In an effort to reduce our global carbon footprint in sports, companies and organizations have adopted many sustainable practices in their day-to-day business operations and have encouraged fans and athletes alike, to support.

These entities demonstrate that sport can and should be more than wins and losses, but a commitment to the global need for climate action and more sustainable solutions. This award will measure sustainable initiatives such as limiting energy and water use, implementing recycling programs, LEED Certifications,  an organization-wide investment in sustainability, and the measurement and tracking of these efforts to showcase long-term impact and success.

In advance of Sustainability Month, Front Office Sports and Sports Innovation Lab will be accepting entries beginning March 25, 2024, through June 16, 2024.


Sports Innovation Lab analysts and sustainability experts will review all submitted entries, identifying key sustainability initiatives and activities that address the ever-present need for sports organizations to engage in efficient operations and climate-change-conscious business. Considered for this award will be: 

  • Sustainability initiatives (limiting energy use and water use)
  • Recycling program
  • LEED Certifications
  • Organization-wide investment in sustainability
  • Measurement or tracking of these efforts to demonstrate long-term impact

As part of the entry, nominees are encouraged to submit any additional materials that demonstrate the effectiveness of the activations or initiatives incorporated in your submission.

Key Dates

Early Entry
March 25- April 7
Standard Entry
April 8- June 2nd 
Last Chance
June 3-June 16
Now Accepting Early Entries


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