About the Award

Each year, venues across the world host millions of fans. These spaces uniquely serve the communities in which they reside, provide a safe space for shared experiences, and act as a home for some of the world’s most beloved brands. This award recognizes the sports venues that have met and exceeded the evolving demands of fans, and set the new industry standard for success.


Sports Innovation Lab analysts and venue experts will review all submitted entries, identifying key initiatives and activities that align with the evolving demands of the modern sports fan. Considered for this award will be: 

  • Novel technologies that improve and enhance the gameday experience
  • New approaches to simplifying and speeding up the merchandise and concessions process
  • Exciting and engaging menu items 
  • Efficient ingress, egress, and wayfinding 
  • Facilitated transportation
  • Easy access to wireless connectivity
  • Physical and Cybersecurity
  • Mixed-use development opportunities 
  • Venue design features 

As part of the entry, nominees are encouraged to submit any additional materials that demonstrate the effectiveness of the activations or initiatives incorporated in your submission.

Key Dates

Early Entry
Feb 12 - Feb 25
Standard Entry
Feb 26 - March 24
Last Chance
March 25 - April 8
Nomination window is now closed.