About the Award

The impact of sports is felt far beyond the playing field. This award recognizes the organizations and companies that have used the power and platform they possess to make an impact outside of driving revenue and growing their businesses. These organizations and companies understand that they must invest in the people, communities, and causes around them to reach their full potential. 

Through reviewing a collection of criteria including DE&I initiatives, community outreach and engagement programs, youth clinics, charitable initiatives, and internal support of these programs, this award will measure the overall impact that organizations and companies have on their broader communities.

Nominate your organization or leader from July 15 through October 6, 2024.


Sports Innovation Lab analysts will review all submitted entries, identifying key initiatives and activities that are designed to make a lasting and material impact on local communities. Considered for this award will be:  

  • DEI Initiatives
  • Youth Sports Programs
  • Education Programs
  • Voter Registration and Voter Access Programs
  • Community Outreach
  • Foundation Work and Charitable Fundraising
  • Messaging and Communications

As part of the entry, nominees are encouraged to submit any additional materials that demonstrate the effectiveness of the activations or initiatives incorporated in your submission.

Key Dates

Early Entry
July 15-July 28
Standard Entry
July 29- Sept 22
Last Chance
Sept 23- Oct 06