About the Award

College athletic departments in the modern age are faced with several new challenges unchartered by their predecessors of the decades before. Whether demonstrating a novel approach to NIL deregulation or showcasing an innovative approach to technology integration, this award recognizes the athletic departments that, regardless of school size or resources, is a model to the rest of the collegiate athletic sector for how to innovate. 

This award will measure the holistic offering of collegiate athletic programs across the country, from sports-specific facilities and resources to mental health services, career services, NIL support and education, and the long-term success of athletes. 


Sports Innovation Lab analysts will review all submitted entries, identifying key collegiate athletics initiatives and activities that address the specific challenges of scholastic sports in the modern age. Considered for this award will be:  

  • Student Fan Opportunities
  • Student-Athlete Support
  • Mental Health Support
  • Training and Competition Facilities
  • Novel Technology Integration
  • Gameday Experience
  • Name, Image and Likeness Support

As part of the entry, nominees are encouraged to submit any additional materials that demonstrate the effectiveness of the activations or initiatives incorporated in your submission.

Key Dates

Early Entry
May 27- June 9th
Standard Entry
June 10- August 4
Last Chance
August 5- August 18