Oakland A’s Ballpark Plan Hits Snag, Vegas Pursuit Continues

    • The Oakland A's had a setback in its attempt to develop a new stadium.
    • The team placed a bid on a fifth Las Vegas site.

The Oakland A’s remain in limbo, as a local committee slowed momentum toward a new stadium in their home city and the team takes additional steps toward Las Vegas.

The team has established a $12 billion plan to develop a ballpark, apartment buildings, business areas, and parks at the waterfront Howard Terminal area in Oakland. However, that requires the local government to remove the terminal’s “port use” designation.

On Wednesday, the Seaport Planning Advisory Committee voted 5-4 with one abstention to maintain the area’s “port use” status.

  • The vote is a nonbinding recommendation to the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission.
  • The commission must issue its decision by July 7

A key point of debate was whether the Port of Oakland should expect enough growth to require its full capacity, including Howard Terminal, to operate. City staff presented several growth trajectories, only one of which would necessitate Howard Terminal to operate as a port.

Public comment was mixed, with groups associated with the port speaking in favor of maintaining the current designation and many organized labor groups in other trades supporting the ballpark project.

What Happens in Vegas …

Team president Dave Kaval called the vote a “serious setback” and continues to explore a ballpark on Las Vegas on “parallel paths” with the Oakland negotiations.

Kaval said the team recently made a bid on a fifth site in the Las Vegas area but declined to offer specifics, citing nondisclosure agreements with the land owners.