Analytics and Content: How Delmondo Has Become an Industry Leader

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The three year old company has done deals with NASCAR, UFC and more.

Beyond analytics, Delmondo creates some of the most unique Snapchat campaigns. (Photo via Delmondo)

Ever wanted to take a dive deep into analytics? Looking to up your Snapchat game? Delmondo might be the company for you. Founded in 2014, Delmondo an industry leading social video analytics company and content studio serving some of the top brands across the country. They are the official Facebook partner for both video and live analytics. To put it simple, they’re trusted by the best, including NASCAR, the UFC, NBC Sports, AT&T Sports and more.


Delmondo’s social video analytics measures the performance and engagement of videos on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Facebook Live, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

“The start of the company was centered around connecting social media and analytics,” said founder Nick Cicero. “We saw a huge gap when it came to social video and felt like we had a huge opportunity to use analytics and help some of the top brands across the country.”

Cicero and company took advantage of that opportunity and today are the leading social video analytics and audience insights company.

NBC Sports and NASCAR

Delmondo worked with NBCSports last season, which helped lead to a partnership with NASCAR. Photo from

In 2016, Delmondo began to work with NBC Sports. That was the first domino to fall before NASCAR reached out and formed a partnership. “NASCAR uses our social analytics platform,” Cicero said. “We help with content production and are focused on the activation and analytics around social media usage.”

Just what can Delmondo do when it comes to analytics and NASCAR? For an analytics newbie (like myself), it’s fascinating.

The company tracks performances of videos and the audience who watches them. The cool part? Just how specific Delmondo can get. Their analytics program can help separate the casual sports fan from the true fan. With Delmondo, NASCAR can see not just who watched videos on the Daytona 500 (both the hardcore & casual NASCAR fans, but also the general sports fan) compared to who watched other NASCAR videos or even viewed social media on a specific driver (more devoted fans).

Today, you and I can both create a Snapchat story or Instagram Live and see how many people have watched the content. Delmondo takes things a step deeper. Instead of just focusing on comments and views, Delmondo truly gets down to the nitty gritty.

For example, say NASCAR posts a video featuring Ryan Blaney. Knowing how many people watched the video is simple, but if you want to track how the video performed in Wisconsin or how many viewers in Blaney’s home state of North Carolina viewed it, that’s where Delmondo helps.

Just take a look at the success that NBC Sports’ NASCAR Snapchat account had with help from Delmondo. NBC Sports partnered with the company for Snapchat content creation for three races: Charlotte, Talladega and Homestead-Miami. Content included a variety of items including driver portraits, games and even stop-motion graphics. The numbers?

· Nearly 1 million views

· Over 70,000 minutes of viewing

· Close to 30,000 total engagements

The Future

What sets Delmondo apart? “We’re focused on video first,” stated Cicero. “Helping our partners know who their audience is compared to just a number of clicks or views really differentiates us from our competitors.”

“We’ve really worked hard on expanding our platform and opening up new opportunities. There are many unique stories out there and great ways to tell them. Not only do we use video analytics to help customers make better content, but we help generate more value to our partners based off the information they’re able to measure.”

Delmondo is certainly leading the way in modern analytics. The future looks bright for Cicero and Delmondo.

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