Social Media Seven: NFL Schedule Releases

This week, we take a look at the best of the NFL’s schedule releases on social media, where teams brought some tremendous creativity.

The NFL released its regular season schedule this week, and teams took to social to go about their creative reveals. Lead Image Credit: @NFL

Welcome to another edition of the #SMSeven! This week, we take a look at the best of the NFL’s schedule releases on social media, where teams brought some tremendous creativity through visual content and concepts.

Atlanta Falcons

Exceptional video design work by the Falcons on social, creating a sharp, contrasting look that has that ‘cool’ factor. The design is almost futuristic, with really nice movement that easily catches the eye. Fans like dynamic — and this is exactly that. The majority of comments not related to the schedule? Something along the lines of “whoa, this is sick.” For a team still in the dog days of the offseason, that’s exactly the sentiment you want at this time to try and build upon.

Chicago Bears

A few teams had similar schedule reveal concepts involving food, cooking, and menus. However, I love the execution by the Bears’ social team. The presentation is clean, but has a sense of mystery and guessing as well. The addition of the follow-up menu with the city and food item is a great touch, and I absolutely love that the prices of each item correspond to the dates of each game day. Sometimes, the little things make the biggest difference.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have established themselves as a creative team on social over the past year, and this schedule reveal is exactly the kind of content we’ve come to expect. The idea of using records for revealing matchups is kind of brilliant. I really like the perspective with which this was put together, as it offers an almost first-person view and experience. #NowSpinning would be a fun campaign and motto to promote during a season…

Arizona Cardinals

For the Cardinals, you could not ‘draw’ this up any better! You can tell that this video was extremely well thought out, as if this was their artistic canvas. While a little long, the length adds to the masterpiece they are trying to paint. Arizona’s performance is very elegant and is simply a beautiful artistic representation of information and creativity. Truly a textbook lesson in execution!

Cleveland Browns

Classic-style themes have seen success on social, as fans embrace the nostalgia and “familiar, yet unfamiliar” concept. For an organization that has struggled in recent years, it is important to continually connect with fans and to retain interest. This is the perfect example of being fun, creative, and embracing the past, present, and future.

New Orleans Saints

The Saints are really embracing creativity in their schedule release, with snow cones (what are snowballs?) and the syrup of each representing the team’s opponents. I think New Orleans is the perfect example of not taking yourself too seriously in the offseason and having fun with a seemingly random idea. I love that this is so outside of the box and has little to no correlation with the release. Social is to have fun!

New York Jets

The Jets round out this week’s Social Media Seven with a very fun animated piece with helmets across the country moving around. Having a visual representation of travel and matchups, as well as seeing how diverse the schedule and country is, offers fans a big-picture view of the entire season and how the team will be moving around. Simple idea in theory, but great execution with the animation!

You can check out the rest of the NFL schedule releases on social here in the Front Office Sports recap! There were plenty of fantastic ideas this year across the league, and execution was equally impressive. Which other team’s stood out to you? Let us know on social @frntofficesport!

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