Ballpark Passes are a Great Way to Make Your Summers Better

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All for a low monthly price.

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Think about how much it costs you to go to a MLB game. It probably ranges anywhere from $12–25 for the cheapest seats (depending on the team). What if you could go to as many games as you wanted, for just $19.99 per month?

This is exactly what the Oakland Athletics are offering this season. All fans have to do is download the MLB Ballpark App and purchase the deal.

The fan won’t get a physical ticket, but instead a barcode will be transmitted to their phone through the app.

The A’s VP of Communications, Catherine Aker, stated, “We tried this for the first time two years ago, and then for a month last year. Then we tried it in spring training in Mesa, and each time we’ve liked the results, and the fans seem to, too.”

The monthly pass is only $4.99 more than the A’s cheapest ticket, which comes in at $15 for the third deck of the Coliseum.

The buyer will not receive an assigned seat for the month, but rather a different one each day. The only way a fan would not get a seat, is if Oakland were to sell out.

The upper deck at the A’s stadium will belong to those who purchase the $19.99 pass. Photo via

Oakland is not alone in their endeavors as the Cardinals, Reds and Diamondbacks all announced similar packages.

The Cardinals were the first to offer such a deal as they did so before the season began. For $29.99 per month, St. Louis fans can attend as many home games as they desire.

Here’s the catch for them, it’s standing room only. The Cardinals average over 40,000 fans per game, so they have no way to guarantee any Ballpark Pass users a seat for most games.

The Reds are offering this deal (complete with a seat in the top six rows of GABP) for the same price as St. Louis, $29.99. Cincinnati is going the distance with the Ballpark App though, as you are able to order your food through it.

According to, “Apex Supply Chain, an international company based in Mason, will be installing the first ever remote food-ordering app in any ballpark. It will be ready to go sometime during the upcoming season.”

Buy a “Taco Dog” through an app at any home Cincinnati Reds’ game! Photo via

With the Ballpark app, fans order their food from the Porkopolis hot dog stand. A bar code will be sent back and they’ll take it to a bank of 12 lockers to unlock their box, take the food and go back to their seat.

If alcohol is involved, someone will have to check their ID, but that’s it!

Not only is the Ballpark app getting more fans through the turnstiles, it is also offering convenience and a price decrease, two things that will keep people coming back.

See Paul Goldschmidt play for $2 a game with Arizona’s Summer Pass! Photo via

The Diamondbacks announced their summer ticket deal this week, and are calling it their “Ballpark Summer Pass.”

For just $50, fans can attend all June and July home games. There are 25 in this timespan, which equals out to $2 per game, if they attend every single one.

All seats are in the “Outfield Reserve” section, but seat upgrades are available for purchase.

The Pirates and Royals have similar deals to the teams mentioned here.

The MLB Ballpark App is making life easier for front offices and fans alike. As the weeks and months roll by, statistical analysis will be released on the impact these deals are having on the teams. If all goes well, expect all teams to be offering something similar in the coming years.

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