With the Right People, the Work is Worth it

By: DaWon Baker, @dawonbbaker

My time with Front Office Sports can be described in one word: inspiring. I started as an interview contributor back in June 2015, and I am currently seeking opportunities to continue to grow within the brand. Aside from interviews, I have been working on some things to continue to grow the brand. Front Office Sports has showed me how passionate people are in this industry, and how much people are willing to help those up-and-coming students and young professionals. It’s taught me the importance of having good writing skills, being personal with my questions with people, and how important it is to do more than just work and go to school. This is an industry that rewards people who go the extra mile, and FOS enables me to do just that.

I love FOS because of the people. I’ve met a number of the team just at conferences, networking events, and they’ve even come to visit me. I also love the fact that an undergraduate student created this. FOS is a living and breathing example that drive, execution and consistency can take you a long way. It has made a positive impact on me through my personal contacts and connections, but it has also given me hope. I have a great interest in entrepreneurship, and FOS is a great example of entrepreneurship in sport. The information is valuable, and it’s honestly a great platform to show your passion for this industry.