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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Kerri Walsh Jennings on Becoming an Entrepreneur

After 20 years of playing beach volleyball professionally, Kerri Walsh Jennings stepped away from the pro tour in 2019.

Not because the five-time Olympian and three-time gold medalist lost a love for the game, but rather because she thought it needed changing.

Walsh Jennings wanted to broaden the game and bring more people to the sport by highlighting all it encompasses – nutrition, wellness routines, and the overall lifestyle.

That’s why in 2019, she and her husband launched p1440, a company dedicated to providing resources for aspiring athletes, coaches, and all interested in living a life of intention.

In the latest episode of Driven with Michelle Wie West, in partnership with PitchBook, learn more about Walsh Jennings’ journey to becoming an entrepreneur, the importance of the people around you, and more.

Watch the full episode here.

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