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This new collaboration between Front Office Sports and Conviva ranks the pro teams and leagues/events which are driving the deepest cross-platform engagement across social platforms (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook). Published every Tuesday morning, this leaderboard draws data from the prior Monday through Sunday. This page — updated weekly — contains two leaderboards; first, the Top 20 professional teams, ranked by cross-platform engagement rate, and then below it, the Top 20 leagues/events/properties, also ranked by cross-platform engagement rate. For more on the methodology and criteria on Trending 20, please visit our explainer section below the two leaderboards. All data is sourced using Conviva Social Insights, a social analytics platform for brands, media, entertainment and sports organizations worldwide. For additional context and information on this week’s leaderboard, please see the “Notes” sections below each leaderboard. Skip to this week’s Trending 20 leaderboards…

The Trending 20 is updated every Tuesday morning, reflecting data from the prior week (Monday-Sunday).

Uprooted from Oakland?

The Oakland Athletics make just its second appearance on the Trending 20 leaderboard this week. The A’s are not only leading the AL West, but the team is also weighing a potential move out of Oakland. A’s fans celebrated all of the team’s posts about wins last week, but one of the most engaging social media posts the team posted was this official statement from Major League Baseball about the roadblocks the A’s have faced in building a new stadium in Oakland.

The Athletics have been fighting for a new stadium within the city of Oakland for several years. Oakland’s own Marshawn Lynch spoke in front of Oakland City Council in 2018 in the midst of the city losing both the Warriors and the Raiders. The former NFL Pro Bowler and Super Bowl winning running back spoke for just ten seconds at the meeting saying, “We’re losing the Warriors. We’re losing the Raiders. Best not lose the A’s. (I) appreciate it.” In a few of the replies on social media, the Athletics’ followers are now satirically using the team’s #RootedInOakland slogan against it.

Trending 20: Pro Teams (May 18th)

The 20 pro teams with the highest cross-platform engagement rate from May 10th to May 17th, 2021.
RankLast WkAccountLeagueEngagement
Growth Rate
Weeks in T20
(of 31)
12Racing Louisville FCNWSL1.87%1.82%45.4K261
21KC NWSLNWSL1.64%2.68%49.0K161
35San Diego PadresMLB1.04%0.44%1.9M223
49Los Angeles ChargersNFL0.95%0.09%3.3M134
5NRSC FreiburgBundesliga0.90%0.06%703.2K173
64Las Vegas AcesWNBA0.88%1.23%174.5K272
7NR1. FSV Mainz 05Bundesliga0.82%0.09%793.6K47
86Jacksonville JaguarsNFL0.81%0.33%1.9M46
98Atlanta BravesMLB0.73%0.16%4.9M182
1012Buffalo BillsNFL0.70%0.07%3.0M162
1114Chicago White SoxMLB0.67%0.08%3.1M710
12NRSC Paderborn 072. Bundesliga0.67%0.11%232.6K58
1319Tampa Bay BuccaneersNFL0.66%0.19%3.4M162
1416Cincinnati BengalsNFL0.66%0.10%2.7M183
15NRLos Angeles DodgersMLB0.66%0.09%8.5M261
1610Los Angeles AngelsMLB0.65%0.18%3.3M86
17NROakland AthleticsMLB0.63%0.10%1.8M217
18NRKansas City ChiefsNFL0.63%0.05%5.8M174
19NRWest Ham United FCEPL0.61%0.33%6.2M510
20NRCleveland IndiansMLB0.59%0.01%3.0M82

The five fastest-growing team audiences in the past week…

  1. KC NWSL (2.68%)
  2. Racing Louisville FC (1.82%)
  3. Las Vegas Aces (1.23%)
  4. Seattle Kraken (1.02%)
  5. Lille OSC (0.98%)

*The minimum for Trending 20 consideration is 20 posts in the prior week. This week, 6 of 282 tracked pro teams were ineligible for Trending 20 due to a lack of posts.

In the Driver’s Seat

Formula 1 has cracked the leaderboard 30 out of 31 weeks since the launch of Trending 20. This is a remarkable feat in its own right, but the auto racing organization also has the 11th largest cross-platform audience out of 102 leagues/events we track. With a following of over 34 million fans, sustaining a Top-20 engagement rate consistently is an impressive feat for F1.

Video is the key to success for the auto racing giant. Formula 1’s most engaging posts are the race highlights videos on the organization’s official YouTube channel that has over 5.4 million subscribers. These highlight videos are almost guaranteed to gain over one million views, sometimes even several million. Outside of social media, the Netflix docuseries focused on F1 — Drive to Survive — has created a buzz among people who have not otherwise been interested in racing.

Trending 20: Leagues/Events (May 18th)

The 20 professional leagues and events with the highest cross-platform engagement rate from May 10th to May 17th, 2021.
RankLast WkAccountSportEngagement
Growth Rate
Weeks in T20
(of 31)
12Korea Baseball OrganizationBaseball1.44%0.53%182.2K161
21Premier Lacrosse LeagueLacrosse1.18%0.45%417.3K291
33UEFA Women’s Champions LeagueSoccer1.08%0.15%4.0M283
45Super NetballNetball0.86%0.77%160.1K91
57AFL Women'sAussie Rules0.84%0.27%339.4K272
711Rugby World CupRugby0.61%0.01%6.3M124
9NRAthletes UnlimitedMulti-Sport0.53%0.86%230.0K213
1013Formula 1Auto Racing0.51%0.47%34.2M302
118QRL - Queensland Rugby LeagueRugby0.50%0.14%169.2K82
1214ATP TourTennis0.41%0.16%7.3M197
14NRNational Lacrosse LeagueLacrosse0.37%-0.02%308.4K158
15NROverwatch LeagueeSports0.34%0.10%1.8M155
1610Minor League Baseball (MiLB)Baseball0.32%0.38%1.1M510
1715National Rugby LeagueRugby0.32%0.16%3.9M254
1820Formula EAuto Racing0.31%0.17%3.3M713
19NRAll Elite Wrestling (AEW)Wrestling0.30%0.40%4.7M74
20NRLOL eSportseSports0.30%0.07%8.6M232

The five fastest-growing league/event audiences in the past week…

  1. UFC (1.24%)
  2. Copa Sudamericana (1.12%)
  3. Athletes Unlimited (0.86%)
  4. Indy Car Series (0.80%)
  5. Super Netball (0.77%)

*The minimum for Trending 20 consideration is 20 posts in the prior week. This week, 21 of 102 tracked pro leagues were ineligible for Trending 20 due to a lack of posts.

FAQ: Methodology & Eligibility

  • Q: How do we determine and rank the Trending 20 accounts? A: Trending 20 accounts are ranked based on cross-platform engagement rate, and all data is sourced from the Conviva Social Insights leaderboard platform.
  • Q: What platforms are included in the “cross-platform” engagement rate? A: The four platforms included are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Q: What is “engagement rate” anyway? How is it calculated? A: The engagement rate shown is the average engagement rate for all posts during the set period. Engagement rate per post is calculated by the total number of engagements divided by audience, expressed as a percentage.
  • Q: My team/brand account had a higher engagement rate than others on this list, but we’re not included. What gives? A: Sorry about that! In this case, your account either did not meet the minimum 20-post threshold for eligibility, or the account is not included in our current list of eligible teams/properties.
  • Q: Will more teams/leagues be added to the list of eligible accounts? How can I request to have my team or league added? A: Yes, we will continue to add teams from more professional leagues, as well as potentially adding additional or emergent leagues or event properties. Please request an addition by emailing Kyle Martin (kyle@frontofficesports.com).
  • Q: Will you be ranking collegiate programs, as well? A: This one is a bit tricky — some athletic programs house all their posts from one central account while others have dedicated team accounts — but we are actively seeking out the best course of action to rank collegiate programs by the same methodology as professional teams.
  • Q: How can I see more similar data and go deeper than the Trending 20? A: Conviva has an extensive, curated database of sports teams, athletes, leagues, and brands. As you’ve registered for access for the Trending 20, Conviva may reach out with information on their product. For more detailed leaderboard listings or to request a free trial, visit the Conviva website. If you have any additional questions about the methodology or data utilized for the Trending 20, please contact kyle@frontofficesports.com.