The Numbers Behind The Masters

    • A report suggested The Masters would bring in $18 million less than the U.S. Open this year.
    • The tournament has no signage and only six sponsors.

The Masters concluded on Sunday, and despite being the most prestigious tournament on the PGA Tour, a report suggested the tournament would bring in $18 million less than this year’s U.S. Open.

According to Forbes, the first major of 2022 is expected to generate $142 million in revenue, while the U.S. Open, the third major of the year, can expect $160 million.

The report breaks down where The Masters revenue comes from, noting that there are no numbers for domestic TV rights or sponsorship revenue:

  • Merchandise: $69 million
  • Badges: $39 million
  • International TV rights: $25 million
  • Concessions: $8 million

The Masters generates no domestic TV revenue. CBS and ESPN reportedly allow Augusta complete control of the broadcast in exchange for no compensation. Comparatively, the U.S. Open receives $15 million from sponsorship deals and $93 million from domestic TV rights deals.

Augusta has no signage either and only six sponsors for the tournament: AT&T, Delta, IBM, Rolex, UPS, and Mercedes-Benz.

Winner’s Share

The Forbes report calculated that The Masters missed out on a total of $269 million by not maximizing revenue potential. Domestic TV rights, for example, could fetch at least $100 million.

One person who didn’t miss out: Scottie Scheffler. The 25-year-old took home $2.7 million of an $15 million purse for his Masters win — the first major victory of his career.