The Influence Of Setting Quarterly Goals

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Setting goals are important not only in business but in your personal life as well. (Photo via Pexels)

*This is a guest post from Khadija Head, @headcoachead.

It’s unbelievable. We are quickly approaching the final days of the first quarter of the year. The allure of New Year, New You has faded and the only thing left is your self-made promise that this year will be different.  But fret not my fellow dreamer. You still have the mental fortitude to conquer all you imagine by leveraging the influence of setting quarterly goals.

When laying the foundation for future success it is important to start with goals and ambitions. However, setting annual goals will oftentimes leave you in a constant state of procrastination. You feel as though time is infinite.  And before you know it another 365 days no longer exist.

My personal remedy…

I deconstruct my annual goals into quarterly goals.  And that has made all the difference. This post is designed to help thought leaders like yourself understand the influence of setting quarterly goals.

Opportunity to pivot

As you take steps towards accomplishing your goals you will inevitably encounter setbacks, pitfalls, and unforeseen roadblocks.  The opportunity to pivot is the ultimate lifeline when it comes to setting quarterly goals.

Setting goals is an intentional commitment that requires you to fantasize about a fictional future.  As you progress on your journey it is important that you embrace the opportunity to pivot.

Pivoting gives you the strength to encounter a problem, adjust course, and still get to the same desired end result.     

Encourages our goals to grow

Setting goals in three-month intervals allow you to adapt your ambitions for the future to your current circumstances. As you dominate your quarterly goals you will encounter opportunities that didn’t exist when you initially set out on your adventure.

And this is an amazing occurrence.  

Having the freedom to mature with your goals is one of the greatest tools you possess in your knowledge library. All it takes is the right networking opportunity to transform your career path and make initial goals seem too small for your direction.       

Sense of accomplishment

We all need to feel rewarded in our career. It is what keeps us going. Working towards a goal is an intense process. You set out with great intentions to summit this mountain of hope. And along the way, you realize this journey is hard work and requires a lot of attention.  

When you set quarterly goals you feel a sense of accomplishment through surpassing many “mini” victories. Mini-victories tell you great job, you are on the right track, keep going.

It’s like passing checkpoints in a marathon. You get a sense of renewed energy knowing you are making progress towards crossing the finish line at mile marker 26.2.  

Leaves margin for life

Life comes at you in an instance. Much to my dismay, life does not work around my goals. My goals work around my life. Quarterly goals give us the room we need to adjust to the people, places, and things we encounter as we progress towards accomplishing our goals.

Quarterly goals are less rigid than annual goals. So when life happens we can adapt our short-term today while still focusing on our long-term tomorrow.

Helps you serve a purpose

I strive to live an intentional life and believe we are all here to fulfill a purpose. Our challenge is to discover what that purpose is. And understand we may serve several different purposes depending on our role.  

In my role as Associate Head Coach at Kennesaw State University, my purpose is to mentor the next generation of athletic influencers on and off the athletic field. While through my Head Coach Head brand, my purpose is to help college coaches take active control of their coaching career.

Two very unique roles. And you are no different. Are you a supervisor, spouse, spin instructor, AND provider of food for tiny humans?

It can be difficult to be so many things in life all at once. By setting quarterly goals you are able to set expectations that are tailored towards the specific needs of your target audience. While taking into consideration the many different hats you wear.

And added bonus of setting quarterly goals, I am able to meet my growth points where they are at the present moment.  

Redefines success

Success evolves.  When writing your definition of success, you are what you seek.  Meaning we are only able to envision what we know is possible. By setting quarterly goals you give life permission to give you more.

One of my favorite quotes is “we overestimate what we can accomplish in a day and underestimate what we can accomplish in a year.”  Imagine all you will be able to achieve if every three months you get the opportunity to adjust your benchmark of success.

Life has different teachers

Your next lesson is your BEST life lesson. Each day possesses something valuable that aids in the growth of your career. It is our responsibility to sift through the noise and retain what is needed and dismiss what is not.  

When you are unclear about your career goals it is difficult to decipher the noise from the knowledge. Setting quarterly goals creates an adjustable baseline of expectations. You are able to look through information at three-month intervals and identify areas of lack.  

By pinpointing areas of lack, it is easier to fill in those gaps through intentional learning. And learning is an evergreen process that never comes close to maxing out.

Helps you re-discover parts of self   

The old you can not introduce the new you. We all grow and change as we navigate through the peaks and valleys of life. It is always good to look back to see your growth, recommit to the process of growth, and move forward with a re-energized spirit.

Each December we speak in awe and amazement that another year is complete. We ask ourselves where has the year gone?

I say why wait until December to audit yourself. Setting quarterly goals allows you to break down the longevity of the calendar year into manageable pieces. Your potential for personal and professional enhancement grows exponentially.

Your quarterly goals allow you to manifest a desirable future.  And it becomes easier to:

  • Identify when a pivot is needed
  • Identify areas of lack you need to eliminate
  • Identify areas of abundance you need to nurture

Because we rationalize “lies”

Our excuses to ourselves are the greatest lies ever told.  What areas of your life do you rationalize? We all do it. We knowingly convince ourselves that this alternative reality is the truth.  

  • I did NOT get that promotion because my boss doesn’t like me.  
  • It is IMPOSSIBLE to get in shape because I do not have the time to workout
  • I will NEVER get out of credit card debt because I do not make enough money

These are all lies we tell ourselves to validate why we lack in life.  

When you set quarterly goals you subconsciously rewire your thought process.  You are no longer chasing the ultimate accomplishment of attaining “THAT” title. Your work ethic is restructured by being present in your current position. As a result, your productivity improves and people take notice.

And noticeable people get noticed.

After all, acquiring “THAT” title has little to do with who you know and more to do with who notices you. 

The influence of setting quarterly goals

In general, setting goals is an easy task. The level of difficulty increases as you work towards accomplishing your goals. By breaking your goals down into quarterly pieces the odds of success sway in your favor.

How do you go about setting and accomplishing your goals?  Share your nuggets of wisdom in the comments below.