Ohio University PMSA Virtually Prepares Alums For Industry Challenges

  • 85% of Ohio University PMSA graduates are currently employed in the industry.
  • Chief Revenue Officer of Global Attractions for Legends Corey Breton details his experience in the program.
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Photo Credit: Ohio University

For the better part of the last 50 years, Ohio University has been one of the premier names in sports business education. The Professional Master of Sports Administration (PMSA) program has given a large number of Bobcat alumni the tools and knowledge to become leaders across college and college professional sports. 85% of the program’s graduates are currently employed in the industry and shaping its future for the better.

One such alum is Corey Breton: Chief Revenue Officer of Global Attractions for Legends. Based in the Los Angeles area, Breton works with the teams at Legends sites and attractions across the world to maximize their revenue generating potential. 

Breton began his career in the NBA and NHL with stops that included the Phoenix Suns, Atlanta Hawks, and Atlanta Thrashers. In this early stage of his career, Breton learned about the hedgehog concept. This consists of asking three questions of the self: “What are you deeply passionate about?”, “What drives your economic engine?”, and “What do you believe you can become the best in the world at?”

This concept established a personal sense of direction for Breton’s career as well as a passion for growth and new ideas. Ohio University’s PMSA presented the opportunity to expand his horizons when he entered the program in 2013. Thanks to the majority of the program’s course work being available online, Breton was able to continue working his day job with the Atlanta Hawks while earning his degree. 

“I was able to build strong relationships virtually,” Breton recalled of his experience in the program. “We were able to work in teams virtually. I was able to build connections with the professors virtually, and I think more importantly, I was able to really dive into the content. Now some of the lessons I received and picked up during my PMSA program, I’ve been able to apply throughout this process almost as if they’re brand new thanks to the business moving to an increasingly virtual capacity.”

In addition to the evergreen lessons provided by the content of the program, Breton found the deeply personal connections with the faculty and fellow students to be the most beneficial part of the experience for him.

“I think one of the things that drew me to the PMSA program were the relationships,” Breton said. “There’s a connectivity between alumni. The campus itself is run more like a family than an institution, if that makes sense. If you were to need help or need assistance or need a connection, legitimately, all you have to do is raise your hand or send a note.”

As sports in North America look to open back up post COVID-19, Legends will look to find ways to bring maximum value to all of their stakeholders thanks to the efforts of Breton and the rest of the organization’s team. Breton believes he is prepared for this challenge, in large part, thanks to the education that he received from Ohio University’s PMSA program and values his connection to the school to this day.

“I felt very connected to Ohio University from day one,” Breton said. “I didn’t feel like a statistic.I felt like a human being. Jim Kahler and the faculty make everybody feel that way that they come in contact with. That led me to feel comfortable and competent. It provided me what I was looking for and it gave me the flexibility to do it online.”

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