4 Tips to Help You Grow Your Personal Brand

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It is important for a successful career.

Your personal brand will follow you throughout your career. Image via Pexels.

The beauty of a personal brand is that it’s all about you. It gives you a chance to show the world what you’re all about: your passions, interests, thoughts, and more. How do you want to present yourself? How do you want the world to see you and what you stand for? Here are some quick tips to help you build your personal brand.

Be comfortable with who you are and what you believe in.


To paraphrase a famous quote, you must first love yourself before others can follow suit. A personal brand requires confidence — in yourself and in your thoughts, ambitions, and values. Before others can appreciate it, you must first become comfortable with yourself. Just like the best companies and teams around, a strong brand knows what it is, what its strengths and weaknesses are, and what they believe in. It may seem silly at first, but take some time to identify the major points of your personal brand and what passions and interests best represent it.

Differentiate yourself from others — showcase your unique qualities!


Going off of above, find what makes you stand out! Why should someone believe in you over another candidate or professional? Beyond the workplace skills, what insights can you offer? What additional secondary interests are you passionate about? What has someone not done before — or has attempted to do and struggled? With our generation, many students and professionals have taken their personal brands seriously. Treat it as an interview question: how will you stand out? And then apply those unique characteristics to what you do on a day to day basis. Make yourself indispensable.

Immerse yourself in content and thoughts that are relevant and up to your standard.


Successful personal and professional brands often position themselves as thought leaders in the industry or expertise. Now, is that always the case? Probably not. But it does show people that you have immersed yourself in the content and proactively want to learn as new information, strategies, and technology come out. Consider yourself a SME — a Subject Matter Expert that is always growing in the industry. You know your stuff. Be confident in that! But the key is never becoming complacent. Continually be a sponge and learn, and people will always come to you.

Develop and maintain valued relationships and connections.


Lastly, treat your relationships and connections well. As much as you think you can offer them, flip the switch and take some time to learn about them. Thank those that help you and follow up to show your gratitude. Do the little things right, including sending thank you notes, emails, and being reliable about your work and commitments. Stay in touch and show that you value your relationship much more than for personal gain. Enjoy the human element — we’re all people after all!

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