4 Essentials to Crafting a Memorable Thank You Note

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One of the most important pieces to networking, and the job process, is the thank you note. Photo via media.npr.org

One of the most important pieces to networking, and the job process, is the thank you note. Photo via media.npr.org

THANK YOU! Two of the most powerful words in the human language…

One of the most important pieces to networking, and the job process, is the thank you note. Every time you conduct an informational interview or do an onsite interview for a job, you need to send a thank you note.

Thank you notes should be sent no later than 24 hours after your interview or conversation. These thank you notes are crucial to your success and your ability to further your relationship.

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I can’t stress enough the importance of writing a genuine thank you note because if you don’t write one, not only are your chances of getting hired lower, but your chances of continuing to develop the relationship are lowered.

A thank you note takes all but 5–10 minutes to craft, but it can make a lasting impact. Here are the 4 essentials to include when crafting an excellent and memorable thank you note.

1. Thank the person for taking the time to speak with you

2. Mention one idea you learned or enjoyed

3. Mention one message you will take away and apply to your daily life

4. Thank the person again and let him/her know you will be in touch

Below is a general sample email you can use as reference. Every thank you note should be different based on the person your interview with and the content you discuss.

Personalize your content to the person you are thanking so it is more authentic and sincere. The goal with crafting a thank you note is to show genuine appreciation for their time and effort as well as open the door for future communication.

Hi First Name,

Thank you so much for taking the time to interview with me yesterday. I really enjoyed hearing you talk about your journey and how you have found success doing something you love. I am definitely going to take your advice on asking more questions and being a lifelong learner as I continue my job search. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to staying in touch.


Your Name

Kelf Key: If you want to go the extra mile send a handwritten thank you note. It shows more personalization, more authenticity and more effort. Plus, the person receiving it will feel more special and more likely to want to develop the relationship or have positive thoughts about you.

Gratitude is a major key to succeed in life and by showing gratitude in your thank you note, you are letting the person you spoke with know you care and appreciate their time.

Once you’ve sent your thank you note, you should plan to update your connections or interviewers every couple of months. If you are sending a thank you note after a job interview, feel free to follow up in a couple of weeks in the event you haven’t heard a decision. At the end of your interview, you should find out what the rest of the hiring process timeline looks like. Most of the time, interviewers will say they will have a decision within a couple weeks. If you don’t hear from them by the time they said, feel free to reach back out and check in. Be persistent, and be genuine!

If you are sending a thank you note to someone you did an informational interview with, update them every couple of months. Let them know what is going on in your life. Do you have a job yet? What are your plans after college? Are you still using their advice to advance your career? Is there anything you can do to help them?

Updating your network is vital if you want to continue to grow your network and deepen your relationships. When you update people, you are reminding them of who you are and keeping your name in the front of their minds in case any opportunities arise.

Thank you notes are not rocket science. They are necessary, and mandatory, if you want to receive more job offers and expand your network. Take the time to follow these steps and craft a memorable thank you note. What takes 5 minutes could be the difference in whether or not you receive the job or other incredible opportunities.

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