Why Social Media is a Must in #SportsBiz

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Building a brand on social media has become increasingly important. Photo via marketingland.com

We are living in a digital world. We are living in a world where screens, not people are becoming the most common method of communication.

I still believe human connection is the number one way to build relationships and create opportunities but that’s a topic for another time.

Technology is continuing to become more prevalent in our lives consuming our attention for hours upon end.

Due to this continual growth of social media and development of technology, it is more important now than ever before that aspiring sports biz professionals are using social media to build their personal brand.

Listen up job seekers… If you are not on LinkedIn you should stop reading this article and go create one. Click here to request a cheat sheet on how to build a remarkable LinkedIn profile.


LinkedIn is the top business networking site and often the first form of social media a recruiter will check when reviewing a candidate. There’s no excuse not to have a LinkedIn. Plus, LinkedIn is a great and effective way to establish relationships with sports biz professionals, ask for informational interviews and build your network.

The beautiful thing about the growth of social media is we can anticipate employers looking at our profiles.

Just as every interview will start with “tell me about yourself”, almost every background check will start by looking at your social media presence.

So whether you are a freshman in college or a 10-year industry vet, you need to have a social media presence.

When talking about the importance of having a social media presence, Karen Freberg, an Associate Professor at the University of Louisville says, “Invest in your personal brand. Spend time building the community around your personal brand. It is never too early.”

Karen is right; it is never too early. If you know an employer or prospective client is going to look at your social media, then shouldn’t you spend time beforehand building your brand and reputation? Would you go to the pool without a bathing suit? Would you go to a job interview without a resume? Would you eat macaroni and cheese and forget the cheese? Well maybe if you were lactose intolerant but that’s not the point.


The point is, social media is another form of due diligence and it’s your job to give yourself the best chance to succeed. If you know you need something to make the overall product / experience better, then why wouldn’t you do it?

I could go on and on about social media and why it is so important, but at the end of the day here is what you need to know.

Clients, employers, customers, professors and potential business partners are going to look at your social media. If you don’t have it, you might miss out on new opportunities. If you do have it, make sure you are posting consistently and appropriately.

You never know who might come across you social media and what that will lead to, so do yourself a favor and make social media part of your career and business strategy. If you aren’t sure what exactly to post, start with this article.

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