Why Generation Y Digital?

By: Stuart Drew and Matt Creagan

Generation Y Digital has been a concept we have wanted to put in place for a few months. We now believe that we are in the right place to launch, maintain and create content for those who are interested in Social and Digital media of sports.

Our Mission Statement helps explain our vision further:

“Generation Y Digital is the top resource for young professionals striving to work in social media sports. We track the latest strategies and collaborate with future leaders striving to enter this field to improve social media and its relationship to sport.”

We realize that the social media and sports world is exploding with content. Teams, brands and organizations are establishing their social presence and needing content creators for the web. As stated in our mission statement, we want to be the top resource when it comes to digital and social media.

When entering the business, we didn’t have a resource that gave content and information. We reached out to those in the growing industry. Those professionals gave us the advice and words of wisdom we needed.

To break down the content we are providing we have created six different topics that we believe cover the areas that we want to help in educating those in the sports, social and digital world.

Throughout the week, we will be presenting each topic that goes into Gen Y Digital. We look forward to hearing the feedback of up and coming professionals as well as those who have made their name in the field.

Gen Y Digital is the brain child of Stuart Drew and Matt Creagan and we couldn’t be happier to provide them with a platform in which they can help educate current and next generation social and digital media leaders and professionals.