Twitter Moments for Everyone

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Today, Twitter announced that now anyone can create a Twitter Moment. 2016 is the year of stories. Instagram Stories, Snapchat Discover, and now the evolution of Twitter Moments.

Twitter Moments were initially launched in 2015 as a way for trending topics to be seen in a visually appealing way. Historic moments, news, sporting events and internet trends have all been brought together through Twitter Moments.

Now, content creators can rejoice once again. Anyone can create Twitter moments. This is great news for brands everywhere. Unlike Snapchat discover, its not just select brands, it is everyone. Think about it, Adidas could create a moment about their latest release of their Boost Line. The Oregon Ducks could keep tabs on their uniform releases for the 2016 Football Season. Brands, teams, and organizations can have their key influencers contribute to these moments too, it doesn’t have to come straight from the brand. Content creators know how much fans respond to brand ambassadors. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Twitter Moments and it will be exciting to see what content creators do with this new way of storytelling.

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