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    • There are 52 infrastructure projects related to Super Bowl LV in Tampa.

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A new economic report suggests Super Bowl LIV brought in $572 million to the South Florida economy. That’s double the economic impact of Super Bowl XLIV in 2010, the last time Miami hosted the game.

The report comes from the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee. Many economists suggest impact numbers are often inflated by groups looking to back up their investments in a given event.

Still, Super Bowl LIV was likely higher than previous games, according to Kathleen Davis, CEO of the Sports Management Research Institute, which authored the report. Visitor spending was double that of other weeks during the year, which likely helped keep the community humming during the COVID-19 shutdowns.

How the pandemic might affect Super Bowl LV in Tampa is yet to be fully determined. There are currently 52 infrastructure-related projects in the works to support February’s game. The NFL has yet to comment on Super Bowl fan plans.

Super Bowl LIV Impact:

— 35% of visitors were from the Kansas City area and 11.9% were from the San Francisco area.

— 368,011 visitor night stays.

— $242,674 average annual income of visitors.

— $34 million in state and local tax revenue.

— $1,781 per day spent by visitor groups.

— $593 per day spent per person.