Five Keys to Getting Your Resume Noticed by the Right People

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When it comes to getting hired in sports business, your professional resume is your story, brand, and lifeline. Like the 40-yard dash at the NFL combine, your career synopsis can make or break you in the eyes of the recruiters and hiring managers that stand between you and your next opportunity to work in the world of sports. In arguably the most competitive field in the workforce, simply applying for a job doesn’t guarantee you will be noticed by the right people within a given organization.

After all, according to Robert Meier, president of Job Market Experts,“98 percent of job seekers are eliminated at the initial resume screening and only the top 2 percent of candidates make it to the interview.

Want your resume to stand out during your job search? Here are five keys to consider:

Know What You Want

The fastest way to be eliminated in the recruitment process is to be unsure of what you want to do. Understanding your strengths, skills, and why you want to work for the specific organization are fundamental in your job search. It takes employers approximately 5-7 seconds to determine whether or not a candidate is suitable for a job.  Apply for a job you and a trusted advisor believe is a good fit for you and your current qualifications.

Not sure where to start? The High 5 Strengths Assessment is free and provides a baseline assessment of your unique talents and gifts.

Keep it simple

With the growing amount of resources, designs, and templates, there can be a perception that you need an elaborate resume. While it never hurt to be aesthetically pleasing, keep in mind employers want to know three simple things:

  • Who you are
  • What you’ve done
  • Why it matters

Don’t make employers work to find information about you on your resume. A standard template that provides an accurate picture of why an organization should hire you is enough.

Choose intentional language

Buzzwords are buzzwords for a reason. Employers gravitate towards words and concepts that matter to their organization. Make an effort to understand the specific language of the position you are applying for and tailor your resume accordingly. Use words from the specific job posting and cut non-essential items that may not correlate to the specific role.

Some sports business industry buzzwords: brand development, digital media, sponsorship acquisition, fan engagement.

Quantify your impact

Numbers don’t lie. Showcase your value through quantifying your impact. For example, “secured 15 accounts within the first six months of hire, provided services for over 1,000 fans on a weekly basis, oversaw a budget of $250,000 and a team of 10 employees.”

Simply stated: numbers allow employers to have a deeper grasp of your previous level of responsibility and potential capabilities. Most importantly, numbers give you an authority and confidence to speak on during the interview process. When you’re not sure what to say, point back to the proof.

Display a relevant skill set in addition to your experience

Gone are the days of the single-skill employees. Don’t expect to get drafted if you can only dribble with your right hand. A diverse skill set is highly valuable in the field of sports business where employees are constantly asked to complete tasks outside of their standard job description. Competence in graphic design, videography, and social media marketing can each boost your credibility and marketability as an applicant.

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Gaining employment within sports business can be a challenge and, at times, may seem unattainable. Putting yourself in the best possible situation to receive a job offer takes time, intentionality, and effort. These five simple, yet significant, keys can help you get noticed by the right people throughout the hiring process.