Meet the Rising 25 Class of 2018: Sarah Robson

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1. Tell Us About Yourself and Your Current Role

I am a graduate of Brown University with a degree in Business Economics. I played on the Varsity Women’s Hockey Team for four years and then decided to take the opportunity to play professionally in Germany post-graduation. Sports has always been an integral part of my life and so it was easy for me to understand that I wanted to incorporate this into my professional career.

My role at SBX Group is very multidimensional as I work across every business vertical in some fashion. I am currently managing both the Consulting and Operations divisions of the business. I feel I bring a unique and valuable perspective to the Consulting team, as I have a nac for identifying consumer and market trends and designing impactful approaches to unite brands and consumers. In addition, I leverage my degree to oversee the operations of the business that includes all company finances and growth projections.

2. Where do you see yourself in 15 years/dream job?

What I have come to learn about myself over time is I like to not only see growth around me but be a key player in building that growth. It’s tough to say exactly what I want to do in 15 years because I am still growing and learning every day; more specifically, I am learning that I love being a chameleon and being impactful across a variety of business sectors.

If what motivates me is seeing growth in both my clients and firm’s success, I see myself continuing to work with a firm that I can play that hybrid role and be that impact player that helps lead them to the next level – financially, culturally, operationally, etc.

3. Who is your mentor at this point?

I feel extremely privileged to be working alongside an industry visionary with my mentor being David Corelli. He is SBX Group’s Chief Strategy Officer, who oversees the company’s strategic direction. Ever since starting at SBX Group over a year ago as an intern, Corelli invested his time into growing me as a young professional, pushing my boundaries and making me think way beyond what I thought I could possibly imagine.

Corelli has taught me to think both linearly and nonlinearly. He has allowed me to confidently tap into my ability to digest a ton of information, strategically make sense of it and executing it to promote growth for our clients and SBX Group.

4. What’s one thing you’ve learned early in your career that you didn’t know until you started working in the industry?

The fast-paced nature of the business and the fact that every day is unique is what caught my attention when first entering the industry. The differences in daily routines has taught me to problem solve efficiently, think quickly, thereby putting myself in positions to capitalize on opportunities before others do. The timeless saying of “time is money” has become rubber stamped on my brain.

5. What does winning the Rising 25 Award mean to you?

Winning this award has allowed to me reflect on my successes over the past year; I feel warmed by the fact that I am being appreciated for what I have contributed thus far. It has propelled me to keep moving forward with the same or more veracity and enthusiasm for achieving even more success. For many students graduating from college, it’s difficult to find a job, let alone a career that one loves. This award has helped me to feel confident that I have found the right industry to work and grow in. I feel this career path and industry is helping me grow as much as I am helping it grow.