Hometown Staffer Empowered by Atlanta Hawks To Create Hype Song

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For an employee, it might not get better than this.

Jason ‘Flythonia’ Lary (Photo via Urban Scope)

Trendsetters: when it comes to digital presence around the NBA, the Atlanta Hawks are at it again. This time, it could impact the city because of one staff member.

The ability to lead the charge in a digital heavy world is not easy, but Art Evans, Director of Culture & Talent Development says it’s not the arena or money that builds culture, but the people inside.

“I believe culture is not created by a company or an organization. It is created by the people within the organization. We strive to create an authentic culture where everyone feels welcome, engaged and feels empowered to make our organization a great place to work. That is what I believe makes the Hawks culture special…We truly believe in empowering our team members to fully thrive in an inclusive culture and that means bringing your whole self to work. By creating a culture that celebrates each individual and their unique talents, we all benefit.”

That culture has allowed one staff member, Jason ‘Flythonia’ Lary, Premium Sales and Corporate Partnership Executive, to bring his hobby of music to the forefront to impact his hometown team.

“I have always been a fan of music, as well as a fan of the Hawks. I thought to myself, the Hawks don’t have an official theme song. I was born and raised here and have never heard an official Hawks song. With me being a native, an employee and artist, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity for us to create something. By us I mean the organization. How cool would it be for the actual organization to make a song about our team?”

Reaching out to businesses and the entertainment community to sell suites and courtside seats now as an adult, Flythonia’s passion for music runs all the way back to his childhood with his father.

“I first realized I had musical talent when my father let me record ‘Candy Rain’ by Soul For Real in his studio. He was a part of the hip-hop group ‘A-Town Players’, the creators of the Bankhead Bounce and hit song,‘WASSUP WASSUP.’”

Who could have guessed years later that a passion as a kid could turn into this in his own city? That should be a lesson to all of us to chase after what we dream of.

Some may ask how this now hometown icon got the name “Flythonia” and it is something many in the ATL can get behind.

“I was born in Atlanta but raised in Lithonia, about 15 minutes East of the city. I always regarded myself as the Flyest guy in the city so it was self-explanatory to combine the names,” said Lary.

With a nickname like ‘Flythonia,’ it had to be asked who his inspirations were in the music business as he crafted the first ever hype song for the Atlanta Hawks organization.

“Inspirations would be Drake and Future. The two hottest in the game right now and I feel my style resembles a little bit of those two when it comes to harmonizing. Plus, women love me just like Drake and I have style just like Future,” said Lary.

Jason ‘Flythonia’ Lary (Photo via Urban Scope)

Two signature names in the music world that come with a lot of respect, but ‘Flythonia’ has a vibe about him that cannot be taught.

That vibe comes from a confidence and being comfortable in the culture that has been laid down in Atlanta.

“This is a dream come true. The Hawks are not only the team I work for, but the team I have loved my entire life. I was a ranked basketball player in high school and thought one day that I’d play for the Hawks. With that not being my reality, this feels like the second best thing. This has made me work even harder as an employee and increased my loyalty to this organization. I have turned down other organizations to stay with this team,” said Lary.

The ATL has always been where “Flythonia” calls home and his loyalty to the city is what brings these creative opportunities to the forefront.

A franchise’s vision turned into each employees vision, and that is a culture everyone wants to be a part of.

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