Flexibility and Quality: How an Online Program is Delivering for Future Sports Industry Leaders

Even the online students have a chance to meet in person. (Photo via Laureate)

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Just like life on the field, the sport industry is an ecosystem of intense competition. Even for entry-level jobs, there are far more applicants than positions available. This puts enormous pressure on job-seekers who want to turn their passion into a career—and stand out in the field. Education is one way that those looking to break into the industry or advance their current career can set themselves apart from their peers. The benefits of a graduate degree in sport administration or a similar program are tangible and many offer benefits beyond a diploma.

  1. Learn from Industry Influencers and Experts

While the faculty who teach graduate programs come from a wide-range of backgrounds, they are usually highly active influencers in their fields and work to stay up-to-date on industry trends and hot topics. At the University of Miami, the online MSED in Sport Administration program only employs faculty members who also teach in their on-campus programs.

For instance, program Chair Professor Warren Whisenant, Ph.D., has twenty years of professional experience with global organizations including Hewitt Associates, KFC-USA and Frito Lay, Inc., where he coordinated promotional programs and sponsorships with several top sport organizations. He has been published in several academic journals and currently teaches courses on Sport Finance and Contemporary Issues in Sport.

“Our faculty is far and away our greatest strength,” explains Professor Windy Dees, Ph.D. a former All-American female tennis player and expert on event sponsorship, marketing, and branding. “Everyone has worked in the industry and many of us were athletes ourselves. Although our students are spread across the world, every student gains access to a wide network of sports industry experts.”

  1. Unparalleled networking opportunities

Give students access to a network, and equally important, teach them how to network. The key to working in the sports industry—during and after your studies—is to engage, engage, engage. Getting your foot in the door, by scheduling an interview or a meeting, is often only half the battle. Being able to open, and walk in the door is the second half.

“The networking is unbelievable— I have gotten access to front offices and influential sporting people in the industry. That access is hugely underrated.” — Leslie Fitzpatrick, recent UOnline Sport Administration graduate, former World Cup soccer player for Trinidad and Tobago

At the University of Miami, networking opportunities are a key component of the on MSED in Sport Administration program. The University has a vast network of alumni as well as business contacts in the industry. Add in the significant personal networks of the faculty and UM students have instantly made their network bigger on day one of becoming a student, whether they enrolled in the online or on-campus program.

Add in several events, such as the unique UM Sport Industry Conference that students have access to and you have networking opportunities that are hard to find elsewhere.

  1. Build Your Community

As an increasing number of students desire to attend a graduate program without stopping their career, many graduate programs are moving to an online format. Although not traditional, the online format gives students an opportunity to form relationships with other students across the country.

The University of Miami’s online MSED in Sport Administration has created a classroom environment that encourages participation and cooperation, to offer opportunities for in-person meetings and to ensure that everyone has the support they needed. Furthermore, formal events such as the Orientation Weekend, UM Sport Industry Conference, and commencement ceremonies offer several face-to-face opportunities.

Some students also take initiative to come on campus to meet both fellow students and faculty. Overall, students at UOnline feel like they walk away with not just a University of Miami degree, but also a lifetime membership to the passionate University of Miami community. When enrolling at UOnline, you are not just an online student; you are a University of Miami student who is learning online.

Recent MSED in Sport Administration graduate Ganesha Johnson explains. “There is a great support system with the staff and a sense of community you become a real part of. The Miami program has created tremendous opportunities for me. Anyone who goes into the program with a positive mindset and goals will receive the tools and skill set necessary for a strong career in the sports industry.”

You can find more information about the University of Miami’s online MSED in Sport Administration program here.

*The UOnline Master’s in Sport Administration is a Proud Partner of Front Office Sports