Five Reasons Why You Should Attend ALSD 2017

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The conference takes place July 10 -13th in Miami, FL

ALSD 2017 is one of the premier conferences and trade shows for premium seating specialists and venues throughout the country. The sport and entertainment industry has used clubs, suites and luxury seating to provide an innovative incentive for consumers and an additional asset for organizations. With 27 years of existence, ALSD continues to grow, and here are five reasons why you should attend ALSD 2017.

1. Three separate conferences all in one

ALSD has a few different focuses on the conference, including a trade show for vendors and a sales boot camp for young professionals in the luxury seating space. You are sure to achieve a variety of goals when you attend, especially for the entrepreneurs and the up-and-coming professionals.

The Sports Sales Boot Camp is a unique incentive for conference attendees looking to advance their career. Photo via ALSD.

2. Dynamic lineup

Nearly every professional sport league will be present; The NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB and MLS, as well as concert venues, racing venues and many more. With so many different stakeholders and professionals who will be present, you’re sure to get a dynamic group of individuals with major insight in the field of luxury seating.

3. Speakers and presenters

With more than 100 presenters and keynote speakers, there will be some gold nuggets being dropped throughout the conference. Jon Spoelstra, former NBA executive, and Jonathan Tisch, chairman of the United States Travel Association and co-owner of the New York Giants will serve as the keynote speakers.

4. Location

The conference takes place in Miami, one of the best locations in the world in sport and entertainment. Conference attendees will have access to three different venue tours, giving them an all-access look at some of the best facilities in the country and an in-depth look at new facilities, such as Hard Rock Stadium.

Hard Rock Stadium is the home of the Miami Dolphins, Miami Hurricanes, and countless events in the Miami area. Photo via

5. Network, Network, Network!

With networking receptions planned throughout the conference and the vast number of professionals present, your network could skyrocket if you attend ALSD 2017. Following the tours and sessions, there are many opportunities to interact with industry professionals and the one-on-one time could be essential to professional development.

The 27th annual ALSD Conference is dynamic, and if it’s one thing that premium seating professionals can agree with, it’s the idea that premium seating has a goal of providing a grand experience. ALSD will definitely use this approach when ALSD 2017 rolls around in July.

ALSD 2017 takes place in Miami, at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. The conference takes place from July 10-July 13, 2017. You can register for ALSD 2017 here.

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