Embrace What You Can Control In Your Summer Job Search

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It what can be a tough time for many, find solace in what you like.

There’s plenty of uncertainty involved in the job hunt, especially in the summer. Take some of the stress off of yourself with things that you can control. (Photo via Pexels.com)

The summer can be an uncertain time for some sports professionals. For one, many new college graduates are entering the job market for the very first time. Also, contract positions and internships wrap up with the end of major pro sports seasons (basketball, hockey, etc.) as well as the college academic year. This leaves a slew of people looking for their next opportunity and unsure of what their professional and personal future holds.

When you find yourself in this situation, you do the obvious things: you check job boards, fill out applications, network, and send along resumes. After that, you have to let the process of work. In the summer, however, that process can take significantly longer.


At a certain point, it can feel like a big waiting game. Your thoughts turn to “when will they call me back?” and “when will they respond to my email?”. While it can be frustrating, you have to remember that summer means changes for hiring managers as well.

For example, because those seasons that I mentioned have just ended, this is the first time in nearly a year that many have had to take a breather. Be mindful of that and respect the slim window of time they get to relax.

In that window of time where you’re waiting for emails to be answered and interviews to be scheduled, the worst thing you can do for your own sanity is stare at your inbox until something comes in. Staying mentally active and occupied will not only make the time go faster, it can also put you in a better position for the job you’re trying to get anyway.


One way to do this is by staying on top of other job postings in your field. Continue to apply to as many as you can find that apply to your skill set. It doesn’t hurt to have as many irons in the fire as possible. Also take that time to work on your personal brand.

Polish up your social media accounts or your personal website. Odds are the people you are waiting to hear back from are going to be checking those out while they review your application materials anyway. Finally, jump on some volunteer work.

Regardless of the subsection of sports that you are trying to get into, there’s bound to be some unpaid work around that applies to what you’re doing. Again, because it’s summer, there’s plenty of festivals and conferences happening that are looking for help. That experience can serve you well moving forward.

The bottom line is, looking for work in sports during the summer can be a draining experience. But from personal experience, just sitting and waiting for the phone ring is going to drive you crazy. Keep in mind what aspects of the process are actually within your power and what isn’t. In the meantime, just keep making yourself better and keep moving forward.

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