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7 Facts About the Job Process That Might Surprise You

 Theses 7 facts are surprising, but important. Photo via

Theses 7 facts are surprising, but important. Photo via

The job process can be tedious, difficult, overwhelming, confusing and intimidating. However, if you know some of the facts that impact hiring decisions, you might be able to make the process a little bit easier and less confusing. You might even be able to make it more enjoyable knowing that you can make a plan to attack the process.

So check these facts out…They might just change the way you approach the job hunt.

1. 80% of all jobs are landed through networking.

Networking is the ultimate key to success in all aspects of life. People are and always will be the driving force between relationships and career growth. Improve your chances of getting a job by networking and building authentic relationships. Talk to people in your network about new opportunities. Always be marketing yourself and see what value you can add to your relationships, so when the time comes you will be ready for your next career move.

2. Recruiters spend, on average, 6 seconds looking at your resume.

Crazy! Recruiters don’t have time to read resumes. Take the time to make your resume easy to navigate through. Some tips for your resume are to include relevant dates, be consistent, check spelling and grammar, use basic fonts, keep your text to size 11 or bigger, and utilize the bold, italic and underline features.

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3. 33% of recruiters admit that they know within 90 seconds if they are going to hire you.

In the same time it takes you to craft a text asking someone on a date, a recruiter can tell if they want to hire you. First impressions are everything, so make sure you smile, give a firm handshake and make eye contact right off the bat. Obviously, during your interview you have the potential to change/confirm a recruiter’s mindset, but first impressions can make or break your job hunting success.

4. 76% of resumes are thrown out because the email address is unprofessional.

While it may have been awesome to have an email like [email protected] or [email protected] when you were younger, there is no place for these emails in the workplace. When you are searching for a job make sure you have a professional email such as [email protected] (feel free to drop me a note and say hi) or [email protected] so you can be taken seriously and increase your chances of moving on in the process.

5. On average, corporate jobs receive 250 resumes.

As you can tell, 250 is a high number and can be intimidating when you first hear it. All this means is that you have to step your game up because there are a lot of people searching for the same jobs as you. Figure out what makes you different, do your research and prepare so that when you get the chance to interview, you’ll crush it.

6. 64% of millennials would rather make $40,000 in a job they love than $100,000 in a job they think is boring.

Millennials want to work for a company that excites them. It’s just that simple. They want to work for a company that has a great company culture like Google and Facebook. They want to have growth opportunities and a chance to rise up the ranks. Many millennials want to enjoy their time at work rather than just collect a paycheck.

7. Almost 90% of companies recruit candidates on social media.

This number is incredible. Over the last 5 years this number has skyrocketed and I think in just a couple of years, every recruiter will be on social media. Whether or not you like social media, you should be on LinkedIn building your professional network. Give yourself whatever advantage you can that might make it easier for a recruiter to reach out or want to hire you.

Now you have the inside scoop. Hopefully, you will use these facts to plan your job hunt and get hired for your dream position.

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