5 More Podcasts For Aspiring Sports Professionals

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These great shows can help you up your game as a sports professional.

Check out five more great shows that can help you up your game as a sports professional. Photo via Pexels.com

A few months back, I wrote up a list of podcasts focusing on the sports business that I’ve personally enjoyed and benefited from as a sports professional. Pretty much ever since it went up, I’ve wanted to do a follow up. The reason being that plenty of people have come to me or tweeted at me with recommendations of other shows that have helped them in a similar fashion.


I’ve since had a chance to check a few of them out and they’re all great in their own right. Give them a listen and see for yourself.

Sports Geek Podcast

Host: Sean Callanan

Callanan provides this weekly show where he chats with sports and digital marketing professionals from the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. The two main focuses of the show are fan engagement and sponsor activation, which are vital in terms of maximizing ROI in sport.

Each episode is about an hour in length, which makes it perfect for those long commutes. The most interesting aspect for me is the international focus of the show and how different approaches work in each market. With each episode, you come away with a new inspiration for how to get more “cheeks in the seats”.

Digital and Social Media Sports Podcast

Host: Neil Horowitz

For those who aren’t familiar, Horowitz is a great conversation leader in the social media and sports space along with being the customer success manager with mobile app developer Hopscotch. The show is another great example of getting behind the scenes insight straight from the pros on the front lines of digital media, many of whom have also been featured on Front Office Sports. As Neil states on his website, “The best way to keep up with the latest trends and best practices is to learn from each other.”

To really get a sense of the bi-weekly show, I recommend listening to a recent “best of” episode that compiled snippets of interviews with six different guest from all around the sports marketing realm.

#BusinessBobcat Buzz

This podcast is produced by the faculty of the Ohio University College of Business. Each episode even comes with a “cheat sheet” to highlight the key takeaways from each episode.

While the focus of the show isn’t necessarily strictly on sports, it does feature prominent guests from the sports world, nearly all of whom are Ohio University alumni.

Tao of Sports Podcast

Host: Troy Kirby

Troy Kirby’s podcast has been going strong for almost 800 episodes now as he strives to provide a knowledgeable and realistic look into the world of sports marketing and sales.

Troy lists his reasoning for starting the show as follows: “I didn’t feel that there was enough credible information out there by sports professionals that could be used as a teaching tool — not only for those students about to graduate who were looking for a job in sports, but also those who were already working in the sports field.”

Give this one a listen and you’ll get exactly that credible information that he’s talking about.

Sports Marketing Huddle

Hosts: Brian Cristiano and Rob Cressy

Cristiano is the CEO of Bold Worldwide and Cressy is the founder of Bacon Sports. Together, they provide an entrepreneurial and entertaining perspective on the sports marketing world. What makes them so entertaining is the passion they have for the topic. The episodes are very short (about 15 minutes each) so you can easily binge most of what they’ve created very quickly. I’ve listened to it on the treadmill a few times as I feel the fast pace of the show goes well with getting some exercise in.

What podcasts do you listen to to help you improve your craft? Let us know in the comments or tweet them to us @frntofficesport.

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