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VKTRY is the Next Step Forward in Performance

  • The greatest limitation to peak athletic performance is injury and recovery.
  • Backed by sports science data and research, VKTRY Performance Insoles are proven to increase performance and protect against injury.
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Are humans getting faster? Once track & field standards were codified in the 1850s, it took a century for the first person to run a 4-minute mile. In the 60 years since, more than 1,400 runners have replicated and far exceeded that feat. In fact, the current world record is nearly 17 seconds faster than the formerly “unbreakable” 4-minute mark, formerly considered the absolute peak of human athletic achievement. 

Today, world record marks for speed, strength, endurance, and achievement fall like dominoes across the entire athletic landscape. Advancements in training, equipment, technology, nutrition, and medical science enable athletes to push the upper limits of their bodies to the absolute breaking point—and sometimes beyond, often with devastating physical consequences. 

Simply put, sports are advancing at a faster pace than the human body can handle. Injuries and recovery are the greatest barriers to unlocking our full potential, but an era of heretofore “impossible” achievements is waiting at our feet—literally—because VKTRY Performance Insoles represent the next step forward in peak performance.

While the insoles themselves were originally created to help the U.S. bobsled team win more medals, VKTRY was born with a mission to help athletes across all sports perform at their best every time they set foot on the playing field. To that end, VKTRY designs dynamic sports gear proven to give back to athletes the energy that would ordinarily be lost in the course of running, jumping, cutting, and other athletic maneuvers. Combined with advanced shock absorption, the Insoles not only help ease the strain on critical body parts, but actually recycle and return extra potential energy to augment explosiveness and increase performance.

“The insole market has been very stagnant for the last 50 years with virtually no innovation to speak of,” says VKTRY founder and inventor Matt Arciuolo. “VKs are dynamic sports gear. In addition to propulsive benefits, VKs also reduce shock by providing a trampoline-like surface when landing, efficiently slowing the athlete down to reduce joint loading and protect against injury.”

Made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber and a proprietary foam top cover, VKTRY Performance Insoles work by returning energy from the ground, giving athletes that extra “boost” with every step while helping protect from injury by absorbing the shock from each impact and providing a stable foundation for the next step, leap, or cut. Backed by years of sports science data and research, VKs are proven to increase an athlete’s explosiveness by an average of 9.3 percent; improve vertical and broad jump by 1.6 and 4 inches, respectively; and shave an average of .12 seconds off a 40-yard dash time. 

According to independent clinical studies, VKs provide significantly greater stabilization of the knee, ankle, and foot. The result? A 41% reduction in foot and toe injuries, as well as 22% fewer lower leg injuries. Moreover, they have been known to help high-level athletes recover from a slew of all-too-common lower extremity ailments—with the ability to customize insoles to suit a specific athlete’s sport, body type, and physical needs. Scores of athletes in more than a dozen different sports rely on VKs to keep them on the field and off the injury list. Just ask football star Jonathan Taylor, who is riding his VKs to a potential MVP season in Indianapolis.

“Knowing I have VKTRY Insoles in my cleats lets me go out on the field and play free,” says the second-year running back. “You want to have gloves that make you feel comfortable about catching the ball. You want to have cleats that make you comfortable when cutting into the ground. VKTRY Insoles make me feel safe on the field.”

While Arciuolo has decades of experience as a Board Certified Pedorthist working with the best athletes on earth, he developed the VK Insoles to provide professional-grade performance and protection for athletes at any level. The VKTRY customer service team works directly with customers to unlock their full abilities, with free shipping and a money-back guarantee to ensure they receive the right pair. They even offer individual consultations to design a customized insole for pro-level performance and protection.

Just a few short decades ago, the world was convinced that the fastest mile ever had already been run—and once that mental barrier was broken, the records began to fall. Now that we are bumping up against the limits of the human body, advanced sports technology like VKTRY Performance Insoles will empower athletes to hurdle those barriers on the climb to higher peaks of performance. Even if your ambitions are a little less lofty than, say, running the first 3-minute mile, VKTRY will keep your feet moving forward while your eyes are on the prize.

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