Tonal Takes A Swing At Home Golf Workouts

    • Tonal announced the launch of its first-ever golf workouts.
    • Professional golfer and Tonal investor Michele Wie West is partnering with the company on the content.

Smart home gym maker Tonal announced the launch of its first-ever golf workouts with help from professional golfer and Tonal investor Michelle Wie West.

The company will offer one-of-a-kind targeted workout and training classes that focus on specific aspects of each user’s game on the $2,995 machine beginning Thursday, along with videos of Wie West performing her own movements and discussing her experience as a pro.

The classes available include two “Power & Control” classes for driving and irons, as well as four classes covering “The Basics”:

  • Swing Your Club Like a Pro
  • Bunker Control
  • Grip Tips
  • Warming Up on the Course

Wie West is part of Tonal’s long list of athlete investors that includes Lebron James, Steph Curry, Serena Williams, Sue Bird, Drew Brees, and Mike Tyson.

Tonal said in March 2021 that it held a 90% market share in the connected strength training category with a $1.6 billion valuation.