Airbnb’s Olympic Outlook

Airbnb appears uneasy about the nine-year, $500 million deal it signed to become a worldwide Olympic partner last year.  In its S-1 filing, Airbnb wrote, “the continued uncertainty around COVID-19 […]

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New Partnership Has Jaguars’ Leonard Fournette Traveling in Style

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette expanded his lifestyle sponsorship portfolio by collaborating with iFLY Luggage.

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Progression Before Regression

How DJ Smedley evolved from international basketball superstar to Chicago’s most socially (and fashionably) conscious aesthete. DJ Smedley on his transition from professional basketball to life post sport in Chicago’s […]

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How Sports Transcend Cultures — Notes from a World Traveler

Wherever you go, sports serve as a unifying factor. Three 1 minute rounds have never hurt so badly Three months ago, I embarked on a trip that was supposed to end a […]

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