Fitness Rebound

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    • The fitness industry started to rebound in May.

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The fitness industry has seen some casualties during the coronavirus pandemic, but an industry survey suggests many are working through COVID-19 challenges successfully. In the Sports & Fitness Industry Association’s most recent survey of more than 160 companies in the sports and fitness industry across the U.S. regarding the impact of the pandemic’s effects, 56% of respondents reported sales growth from April to May.

Still, the bankruptcies of Gold’s Gym and 24 Hour Fitness are indicators of struggles felt across the industry as 60% of respondents project sales to return to pre-COVID-19 figures in 2021 or later. To combat that lag in sales, companies are investing heavily in e-commerce: 50% have invested in their website since the start of the pandemic with 36% investing in digital or mobile advertising. 

Other Survey Findings: 

  • 51% reported May 2020 e-commerce sales higher than May 2019.
  • 76% expect gyms, health clubs, and boutique studios will be back this summer.
  • 80% expect youth sports will be back in September or October.
  • 39% expect to finish 2020 with revenues down between 1%-25%.