Snowshoeing Sees Pandemic-Fueled Surge

    • From August to October, snowshoe sales grew more than 250% year over year.
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Snowshoeing is shaping up to be the hot outdoor activity this winter, much like bicycling was in the spring.

From August to October, snowshoe sales grew more than 250% year over year, rising more than all backcountry equipment sales combined, according to NPD Group. 

  • REI says its snowshoe sales are up fourfold, and cross country ski sales have tripled. The outdoor retailer’s adult snowshoes range in price from about $160 to $300, while a children’s pair starts at $40. 
  • Snowshoe participation grew more than 12% last season, to 3.6 million participants, according to market research firm Snow Sports Insights.

“Non-lift-assisted” winter sports have generally seen a rise in interest, as they’re better suited for social distancing and more cost-effective. Snowshoes attach to typical winter boots, so no dedicated footwear is required.

Bike sales were up nearly two-thirds over the prior year in the spring as people flocked to new outdoor activities under COVID-19 pandemic conditions.

In June alone, sales of sport performance road bikes grew 87%, gravel bikes were up