Promo Spotlight 9/16–10/1

By: Meaghan McCloskey, @Meaghan_Mc3

Welcome to the Promo Spotlight! Each week I will look at some of the best promotions that have taken place around the sports world and share them with you. Promotions play an important part in enhancing the fan experience and can sometimes be the deciding factor in someone going to a game or not. From ticket specials to giveaways, promotions are a great way to engage fans and give them a little “something extra.”

Mickey Mouse Replica Statue — Angels, 9/16: This is a great promo for a team that is so close to Disneyland. I love how the statue is baseball, and Angels themed, with Mickey’s head having baseball stitches. It’s a fun, relevant giveaway that many people in Los Angeles can enjoy.

Jacob DeGrom Hair Hat — Mets, 9/17: It’s no secret that Jacob DeGrom has amazing hair. It’s been called some of the best in the majors, and what better way to “honor” his hair than with a hair hat? It’s a great giveaway because it taps into something unique to one of the Mets bigger stars. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this used for Halloween costumes.


Nationals Branded Donkey or Elephant- Nationals, 9/30: The political season is in full-swing, and I love that the Nationals are taking advantage of being located at our Nation’s capital with this giveaway. It’s a perfect way for fans to be able to show their support for the team during the election, even if they might not get the figurine that aligns with their political views.


Oktoberfest — Various teams: A popular celebration around the world, many teams hold their own version of Oktoberfest towards the end of the season. German dancers, stein giveaways, and beer specials are just some of the many activities that take place. It’s a great way to celebrate German heritage and switch up the traditional beerfest.

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