Promo Spotlight 8/8–8/14

Daily Newsletter

By: Meaghan McCloskey, @Meaghan_Mc3

Welcome to the Promo Spotlight! Each week I will look at some of the best promotions that have taken place around the sports world and share them with you. Promotions play an important part in enhancing the fan experience, and can sometimes be the deciding factor in someone going to a game or not. From ticket specials to giveaways, promotions are a great way to engage fans and give them a little “something extra.”

Adrian Beltre Removable Helmet Bobblehead- Texas Rangers, 8/14: I’ve been waiting for this bobblehead since it was announced. Beltre is known for his hatred of people touching his head. We’ve seen many hilarious attempts from teammates (mostly Elvis Andrus) trying to touch his head without success. However, Prince Fielder was able to pull off the impossible before his press conference announcing his retirement. This bobblehead is perfect because it is unique to the player and shows off his personality. It can be difficult to capture the personalities of players in giveaways, but the Rangers really hit the nail on the head here.

Hunter Pence Solar Bobblebody- San Francisco Giants, 8/14: I spoke too soon last week when I mentioned that teams haven’t picked up on solar bobbleheads. The Giants are the first team I’ve seen that are having a bobblehead/body promotion and I think it will catch on. Fans who attend Sunday’s game get to take home this Hunter Pence Bobblebody, which I’m sure will be bobbling non-stop during the afternoon game.


Clark Hat- Chicago Cubs, 8/14: This is a great promotion for kids because of how much they (usually) love mascots. Bears are popular with kids and this hat is perfect for little Cubs fans. It has a variety of uses- staying warm, putting it in a dress up box or being part of a Halloween costume. It’s also a promotion that’s just “fun” and is a change from the typical ball cap or fedora giveaway.


Toy Truck- New York Mets, 8/14: This is a simple, yet versatile promotion in a few ways- it could be a collector’s item or added to a kid’s play basket. It can be used by fans of any age, but will likely be popular among kids. It’s also a great promotion for the presenting sponsor, W.B. Mason, who has their logo on the sides of the truck.


Nickelodeon 90’s Night- Brooklyn Cyclones, 8/10: Every once in a while, a team really knocks a theme night out of the park. The Cyclones did a great job with their 90’s night, which included a 25th Anniversary celebration of Ren and Stimpy. They gave away a dual bobblehead of the popular 90’s TV duo while the players wore Ren and Stimpy jerseys. Overall, it was a “happy happy, joy joy” night.