Partner Showcase: How to Deliver Exceptional Member Experiences

    • TeamSnap discusses how they build a true understanding of their customer through empathy.
    • How Health Check allowed sports organizers return to play safely.

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As we hit the one-year mark of COVID-19, kids and adults alike are itching to get back to team sports. But as sports and group activities slowly make a comeback, how can sports organizers and coaches best prepare and adapt to our highly tech-centric, post-pandemic world?

In a recent Partner Showcase, TeamSnap’s product and customer success leaders – Damien Offord, Director of Product, Sports Orgs and Vanessa Alejandro, Customer Service Manager – shared their philosophy for creating innovative member experiences and present the way technology plays a key role in solving customer problems.

On building deep customer empathy (5:20)

Damien: “We want to feel how they’re feeling and build a true understanding of the customer from emotional level. We do this by tapping into their stories, hearing their pain and their struggles. While there’s always the adage of the customer’s always right, we try to think about focusing on the customer’s feelings, which are always real. Let’s take time to understand their worlds, lead with curiosity, and look for stories. Stories are usually really good concrete examples of a problem that they’re trying to solve, and we try to ask open-ended questions.” 

On the development of Health Check and how organizations are using to for a safe return (10:27)

Vanessa: “Hearing from our customers and everybody in sports’ concerns about seasons being cancelled gave us a chance to ask our customers, ‘hey, instead of telling you how to return to play…how do you want to return to play?’ This is an important part of customer empathy. We then created Health Check within the app. For those of you that are familiar with the app, it’s just easy to use. You click on it, answer the health questions then you’re cleared. One of the most exciting parts for me about Health Check is hearing our customers talk about it and actually use it to enter their facilities.” 

How using TeamSnap’s Customer Sarafi helps deepen your relationship with your customer (17:04)

Damien: So there’s four main areas around the Customer Safari. The first one is around who is your customer? What are they trying to do? What barrier or problems do they encounter? List five ways you can improvise your customer’s life. I think if you go through these four steps these can be a start of an unlock for building exceptional experiences with your customer. Just start simple…sometimes you don’t have to figure out the perfect solution but even just starting with one idea and then playing that out further you can just start to create the momentum.