Mercedes-Benz Stadium Wows With Tech

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One step inside the NFL and MLS’ newest stadium and you’re immersed in a sea of tech.

One step inside the $1.2 billion dollar masterpiece and you are surrounded by tech.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium has been billed as the most “tech-savvy” stadium in the NFL and MLS.

Tuesday, it lived up to the hype.

From blazing fast WiFi to a connected fan experience from entry to exit, the stadium is sure to deliver one of the best all-around fan experiences in the NFL and MLS.

While there are countless new features to experience, these five are sure to keep you coming back for more.

1. WiFi Better than Your House

With two 40Gbps internet circuits that theoretically will allow fans to download all 65 Game of Thrones episodes, in 4K ultra HD quality, in 46 seconds, you will never be out of luck when you try to post your next Instagram picture or take a Snapchat of the game-winning touchdown.

Designed by IBM and powered by AT&T WiFi, the stadium has more than 1,800 wireless access points and 4,000 miles of fiber optics to deliver blazing fast connectivity without even having to type in a password or watch an ad. One click and you are in.

The speed of the WiFi has some even considering moving to the stadium. While we don’t recommend that, we can confirm that the WiFi is incredible.

2. Next Level Loge Suites

Armed with two TVs and an iPad, these suites will be a hub for tech.When looking to create more than just another luxury space, the team at AMBSE turned to creating loge suites that will be at the center of current and future tech innovations.

Each loge suite currently has two TVs as well as an iPad to control the entertainment; beyond that is when the real magic happens.

Inside the walls of the suites are Chargifi wireless chargers that allow you to place your phone on the counter and charge without ever having to plug it into an outlet.

While the loge suites offer a glimpse into the future now, they will continue to be used as testing grounds for the latest technology, according to Jared Miller, Chief Digital Officer for AMBSE.

“We are really excited about these because they are the perfect size and will be a great place for us to experiment with AR, VR and whatever else may happen to come about.”

3. The Halo Board

No matter where you are inside the stadium, it is hard not to be captivated by the centerpiece of the project.

The biggest screen in the NFL now belongs to the Falcons and while it’s size is something to marvel at, the technology behind it is truly incredible.

At 63,800 square feet, the “Halo Board” is separated into four quadrants with each of them being able to work in sync or even show up to eight different TV feeds while fans are waiting for their 4:25 p.m. game.

As Mike Gomes, Senior Vice President, Fan Experience at AMB Sports and Entertainment Group put it, “At 2 p.m. when we open those doors, we can be the world’s largest sports bar.”

Some more quick facts courtesy of Daktronics include:

It has more than 37.1 million LEDs and is 27 times larger than the main display at the Georgia Dome.

It would take 5,800 60-inch TVs to cover the entirety of the display.
Rolled out, it would be long enough to fit 5 total 747 aircrafts lined up nose to tail.

Rolled out and stood on end, it would be the 10th tallest building in the United States.

4. State-of-the-Art Production Room

Just one of the many banks of monitors inside the stadium’s production room.

Like any good orchestra, you need a good conductor. Luckily, Mercedes-Benz Stadium has one of the best.

While fans are enjoying the game from their seats, directly underneath them the lifeblood of the stadium will be pumping out graphics, dynamic hits for partners and even monitoring the security cameras throughout the building.

Powered by the Ross “Tessera” system, the game day producers now have the ability to have the content animated in real time versus having to go into After Effects and export the animation, thus creating a seamless and slick process from start to finish.

5. The Stadium App

In an effort to drive the complete fan experience, AMBSE partnered with IBM to create a stadium app that aims at expediting answers to questions from fans, helping them get around the stadium and allowing them to manage all of their food and beverage purchases.

The coolest part of the app is the integration of a A.I. based bot named after Falcons owner Arthur Blank.

The “Ask Arthur” bot will be able to answer questions ranging from where a specific food item is to what Julio Jones’ stats are.

If the bot can’t answer a question, it has the capability to then transfer the fan or user to a live team member who will answer the question for them.

Talk about a streamlined experience.

Complete with a fan first pricing model, fan picked foods and a fan experience that should rival every other team, it is clear that AMBSE had the most important thing in mind when it came to the construction of the stadium; the fan.

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