Inside The Huddle: Group Expectations With Josh Feinberg

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In the buildup to Front Office Sports’ Ticketing Huddle at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on May 10, we’re introducing you to the huddle leaders who will be lending their expertise to the conversation.

Today, meet Josh Feinberg: Director of Group Sales & Hospitality at the Oakland Athletics. Feinberg will be one of the leaders of the huddle “Squad Goals: The Evolution of Group Expectations”.

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Feinberg made the decision to turn his passion for sports into a career during college and began working internships shortly after his graduation in 2008. Feinberg transitioned into sales shortly thereafter and quickly found his way into group sales specifically. When it comes to his subsection of the industry, he enjoys how multifaceted it can be mixing elements of sales, event planning, and marketing.

“I think what I enjoy about group sales is just being able to work with so many different people. Group sales gives you the opportunity to collaborate with every facet of the business operations team from marketing to community relations to stadium operations,” Feinberg says, reflecting on his decade-long career in sports to date.

In his current role in Oakland, Feinberg inherited a staff of just three people in group sales. He has been able to grow that staff to 15 people, however, and that staff increased their revenue generated by 45% in the last year. He describes this as one of his proudest professional accomplishments.

As a leader of young reps, Feinberg notices a handful of teachable moments. The biggest mistakes he notices younger reps making is forgetting the more human elements of sales and working in sports as a whole.

“Sometimes younger reps get too caught up in the day to day sales process and may not see the big picture of their career,” Feinberg explains. “I remind them to continue to network within the industry, along with the people inside the A’s organization. You never know how a relationship may pay back over time. We want to see our team grow as sales leaders but also as well rounded sports business professionals.”

Outside observers may not realize just how different group sales is from other subsections of ticket sales because it incorporates so many different elements and demands so many different skill sets.

“There are some sports organizations that check a box with their group sales staff. There are other teams that really dive deep with a purpose,” Feinberg states. “It can go in so many directions to maximize a market by having a larger, more focused group sales team. We’ve quadrupled our group sales team and it has allowed us grow our outreach and ultimately, increase revenue.

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Like any subsection of ticket sales or the sports industry in general, putting yourself out there and making connections plays a huge role in achieving success. Feinberg advises young professionals just starting out to take this seriously.

“Personal branding and networking have been important for a long time now. Putting more effort into your personal brand, networking at a high level, and it can take you places.”

Meet Josh and hear more of his thoughts on the current ticketing space at the Front Office Sports Ticketing Huddle at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in Oakland, CA on May 10. For tickets and additional info, click here.