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    • StockX transactions outside the U.S. were up 260% year-over-year.
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StockX is bullish on the future of the global sneaker resale market after massive growth this year. A release this week noted the platform received 25 million global monthly visitors in the third quarter.

With transactions outside the U.S. up 260% year-over-year, StockX sees a big market opportunity in the projected $30 billion global sneaker resale market in 2030. Of that projected total, $19 billion is expected to be outside the U.S.

There were 3.2-times as many collectible purchases on the app compared to the same quarter last year and 62% of users outside the U.S. are under the age of 25.

Hot Brands in Big Markets:

France and the U.K.: Air Jordan 1 Mid

Italy: Travis Scott streetwear

Germany: Adidas ZX 8000

Japan: New Balance