Front Office Sports “Rising Seller” Scholarship

Through a collaboration with Sports Business Solutions and Bob Hamer, Front Office Sports is proud to announce the inaugural Front Office Sports “Rising Seller” Scholarship. The “Rising Seller” Scholarship is a breakthrough opportunity for one student to join Bob Hamer and over 30 other students and young professionals interested in sports ticket sales for the Sports Sales Combine at the SAP Center in San Jose, California February 26th-27th.

The Event

The Combine is a two-day hiring event where you learn how to sell tickets from some of the top trainers in Sports Business, and then show what you can do by selling tickets for real! As a combine participant you will develop your sales skills, grow your professional network by working with industry professionals, and then interview for a job. Think you have what it takes to compete and sell with the best? Let’s see it!

The Scholarship

In addition to receiving a first hand premier experience of what it’s like working in the ticket office of a professional sports organization, the recipient of the Front Office Sports “Rising Seller” Scholarship will be given a complimentary admission to attend the upcoming Sports Sales Combine event at the SAP Center in San Jose.*

*Flight and lodging not included.

Why Should You Apply?

  • Over the past 14 months, Sports Business Solutions has hosted 4 events and from those events have placed 43 participants into full time sales positions in sports.
  • In their last event, 15 teams and 23 sales managers were present.
  • Top performers at each combine have more then 10 interviews and leave with a job offer all within 48 hours.

Who Can Apply?

All applicants must be at least 18 or a Freshman in college.

How to Apply?

Submit a copy of your resume to

Deadline to Apply: February 5th

If you are chosen and accept this scholarship, you agree to pay for your flight and lodging at your own expense.


Send an email with any of your questions or concerns to