Bike Industry Rolling

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    • The bicycle industry is having its third revival in 150 years.

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Recreational bike sales experienced a 121% year-over-year jump in March. The bike renaissance is the third boom for the industry in 150 years, following a peak in the 1890s and another from 1965-1975.

Popularity then declined until a 2019 study found 32% of Americans over the age of 3 had ridden a bike in the previous year. Recent pandemic-driven concerns about mass transit and infectious diseases have sparked the latest renaissance, while many U.S. cities continue to build out bike lanes and infrastructure. 

Key Biking Numbers: 

  • $733 million in services and equipment sales in March.
  • 57% increase in bike trips on trails across the U.S.
  • 250,000 recreational bikes sold in March.
  • 200,000 stationary and indoor bike stands sold in March.