8 MLB Teams To Follow On Social Media This Season

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Photo by Matt Dirksen / Colorado Rockies

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Major League Baseball teams are some of the most exciting brands to follow on social media. They’re sharing eye-catching photos, videos, and GIFS, and they’re experimenting with cutting-edge formats — all to engage and excite their fans online.

So with baseball season right around the corner, who are the best MLB teams to follow? We’re all about real-time visual storytelling here at Libris, especially in sports (we even put together this Visual Storytelling Guide for Sports Marketers) so with your help, we’ve compiled some of our top MLB social media picks.

If you’re not seeing a team you love to follow, share in the comments below!

1. New York Yankees
The New York Yankees know how to engage fans with compelling stories and make them feel like they’re a part of history. As the Yankees surprised everyone with a strong postseason in 2017, fans rallied around the team’s newest traditions, like rising for the Judge. 


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2. LA Dodgers
The Dodgers know what content works best on each platform, and they tailor their storytelling to play to each platforms’ strengths.

For example, they start Instagram slideshows with eye-catching photos and invite you to swipe to go deeper with the content, alternating between images and video.

They also love to go live on Facebook and do exclusive interviews with players inside their Social Media Center and answer questions directly from the fans.


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3. Chicago Cubs
Long before the Cubs broke the curse, they had already created a winning team on social media. The team used social media to shift the narrative from loveable losers to underdogs on the greatest journey in sports.

The team’s social media accounts have a distinctive voice – the voice of a loyal Cubs fan. They also celebrate their hashtag #FlyTheW, which is so popular that even Wheel of Fortune gave it a shout out.


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4. Houston Astros
As the Astros chased for their first World Series title last year, they were winning on social media with their “Earn History” campaign. They used branded and motion graphics, along with content that was tailored to perform well on each platform.

Even when they’re not using a graphic, they’re adding a subtle branded watermark to their photos. The consistent branding makes their posts feel like they’re a part of one cohesive narrative.

And now that this season is about the begin and the team is in training, they’re using the hashtag #NeverSettle to help drive home the Astros ethos and work ethic.


5. Atlanta Braves
The Braves are one of the most storied teams in baseball, and that’s clear in their social media. They know what resonates with their fans, from messages of gratitude to throwback photos and video clips.


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6. St. Louis Cardinals
The St. Louis Cardinals divide up their content into three different buckets: brand journalism, brand entertainment, and brand engagement. They not only cover the team, but they also create content that entertains fans and encourages them to get involved.

One of the Cardinals’ most popular brand engagement campaigns was when they invited fans to print their own flat Stan the Man to convince the President that team legend Stan Musial deserved the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


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7. Cleveland Indians
The Cleveland Indians do a fantastic job of sharing content from their fans and showing off their fans’ personalities. Plus, they respond to tweets and engage with their fans. It makes their feed relatable and fun.

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8. Colorado Rockies
The Colorado Rockies use their social media channels to give fans content they couldn’t get anywhere else. They use a real-time photo workflow to get photos from the field to social media during games. Plus, they have a unique voice they use to build strong connections with fans.

Not to mention, they’ve helped spark some of the best viral Twitter battles of all time, including a Twitter snowball fight and a singalong to “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

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To go further and see how the Colorado Rockies engage their fans on social media, check out Libris’ exclusive webinar, Behind The Scenes with The Colorado Rockies: How to Engage Fans with Quick Turnarounds And Real-Time Social Media.

Cover photo by Matt Dirksen, Colorado Rockies.