4 Key Sales Takeaways from ALSD

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These tactics will have you upping your sales game.

A inside look at a luxury suite inside AT&T Satdium (Photo via Luxury Football Rentals)

In sports, sales are a key piece of every teams revenue model. For the last 27 years, ALSD has been bringing together leaders in sports sales to discuss new trends and tactics. This year, FOS was given an inside look. Aside from the beautiful beaches and weather, here are some of the key takeaways from the conference that you can take back to your sales team.

1. Social Sales Process

With new resources, comes new opportunities. (Image via Forbes)

As the sales process continues to change and evolve your strategy should do the same. Social media changes your sales process from easier prospecting methods to direct engagement with customers. The social tools available today have allowed for more direct contact with potential buyers and, with more outreach and contact the more you will sell. To execute an effective sales process each sales professional need to understand and incorporate the social resources to maximize your revenue.

Mario Martinez Jr, CEO and Digital Sales Evangelist at Vengreso, explains how your sales process can be more effective saying, “The way our buyers buy has fundamentally changed. As a social seller we have to ingrain it into our routine to check all of our social channels and prioritize engagement accordingly.”

Although cold calling is still an effective tool used throughout the sports industry, professionals are aware of the advantages social media offers. Do you know how to effectively use social media in your sales process?

2. “Uber Zones” and “UberTailgate” Will Continue to Grow

A closer look at UberTailgate. (Photo via ALSD)

Last year Uber began partnering with professional sport teams to help fans travel to and from stadiums. Since then these “Uber Zones” have been implemented to help improve fan experience at multiple stadiums. The partnership with Uber increases the fan experience and provides a safe alternative to various sporting and entertainment events.

The Miami Marlins and Dolphins have found success with this partnership and are looking to continue. Many other organizations have taken “Uber Zones” a step further. The Miami Dolphins also offered “UberTailgate” for the second year, providing fans who attend the game an opportunity to tailgate without a car or supplies. One of the challenges organizations face with “UberTailgate” is limited space around the stadium. Despite the challenges, Uber sports sponsorships have become more common and offer a luxury fan service that is unmatched.

3. Attracting Millennials to Luxury Seating

When it comes to luxury seating, will millennials buy? (Photo via The Odyssey)

Throughout the sports industry the battle between in-stadium experience and fans comfortable living room continues to be a problem. How can we get millennials to buy premium seats? How can the future of premium seating be saved by food and beverage?

Diana Evans, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Centerplate, offered some helpful tips to engage millennials.

“Millennials love to have custom options with abundance and variety. Furthermore, millennials want to have flexible options throughout their premium experience with loyalty programs and rewards.”

Providing millennials with the options to choose their in-stadium experience will help them be a brand ambassador for your organization. Whether they are choosing the food, interior of suite, or price packages millennials want their voice to be heard. The premium experience has the opportunity to engage with fans on multiple levels through different game day experiences.

4. The Value of Networking

Networking might be the most impactful skill to learn. (Image via Brella)

Don’t be afraid to share a charge station or sit at a table with unfamiliar faces, as these are the optimal times to network and build relationships. Throughout the entire ALSD conference, the opportunities to network are endless. ALSD attendees were able to experience joint league sessions, stadium tours, a baseball watch party and several nightly networking sessions. Each of these activities and events organized through ALSD provides a blueprint for aspiring and current industry professionals to grow your network.

Bob Hamer, President of Sports Business Solutions, offered more insight into why ALSD is valuable for professionals.

“Whether it’s getting best practices from other teams, learning something new, or making connections, the relationships you build through networking at these events can help you learn and develop as well as open the door to new career opportunities down the road. The content and cross-league networking is unlike any other event out there, and we look forward to it every year.”

If you are looking to up your sales game in the next year, be sure to include ALSD on your calendar of events to attend.

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