With New Initiative, Toyota Taps Team USA to Help Spread the Message

Image via Wall Street Journal

When one thinks of Toyota, usually it’s because of its award-winning vehicles, strive for automotive excellence or even NASCAR championships. However, Toyota as we know it is re-branding into a mobility company opposed to a sole automotive company.

Their definition of mobility goes beyond the car to inspiration folks everywhere can behold.

“Mobility focuses on inspiring team members and people across the world,” said Dedra DeLilli, Group Manager, Olympic Marketing — ‎Toyota North America. “It allows people access to achieve goals, overcome challenges and break barriers.”

Frankly, for Toyota, Mobility For All is a vision for the future, continuous improvement and constant innovation.

Toyota’s marketplace and initiative took them to none other than the epitome of movement — the Olympics and Paralympic games. Toyota is a Proud Partner of Team USA and supports the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee.

In March of 2015, the International Olympic Committee announced Toyota as The Olympic Partner (TOP) in the newly created mobility category through 2024.

With the partnership, Toyota sponsors 19 U.S. athletes in both the Olympic and the Paralympic games. DeLilli says the athletes help encompass what it means to move freely — to have mobility.

“We’re here to support and cheer on advocates as part of the partnership,” said DeLilli. “It’s a really compelling way to tell (the) initiative and it’s a great alignment for Toyota’s goal.”

Through the athletes, the story of mobility can be perfected.

As for the Paralympic games, Toyota’s advancement opportunities are limitless as one of the grand stages. Their use of the athlete’s endless passion and perseverance culminates to the fact that nothing is really impossible.

Through several athlete’s stories and digital interaction, Toyota set the stage for its ‘Start Your Impossible’ initiative.

Toyota’s Start Your Impossible Initiative. (Image via Toyota)

Deemed the global corporate initiative, it invites Toyota employees, partners and customers to connect with the company’s core beliefs.

“We are inspiring through communication and numerous channels such as TV and social media to share the message of societal advancement,” said DeLilli.

Tim Rebich, principal at Centerfold Agency, knows this Toyota activation is the intersection between relevance and engagement.

“Relevance in any brand experience, execution or partnership is paramount,” said Rebich.

“Successful brand messaging, and the carrier of that message should align with the brand’s mission, resonate with the audience and of course, encompass the spirit of the brand.”

Rebich sees fit that Toyota is capturing the essence of mobility while engaging with their audience.

Toyota aims to develop a peaceful society omitting discrimination through sports and a commitment to a sustainable society through mobility. The Olympic platform does just that as members from all nations come together to compete in sport.

DeLilli hopes that through the Start Your Impossible initiative and their passionate commitment to people, barriers can be broken down and dreams can be met.