Wisconsin Gov. Proposes $290M to Fix Brewers’ Stadium

  • Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is looking to fund repairs to the Brewers' stadium with a one-time payment of $290 million.
  • Leaders in the legislature indicated the proposal wouldn't necessarily have a clear path.
A general view of the Milwaukee Brewers warming up at American Family Field.
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
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The Milwaukee Brewers’ stadium could become a political football.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers proposed devoting $290 million of the state’s $7 billion surplus toward renovations and repairs for American Family Field.

  • In exchange, the Brewers would commit to the city through 2043.
  • The district that manages and finances the stadium was previously funded through a 0.1% sales tax across five counties that expired in March 2020. 
  • The Brewers are seeking fixes including repairs to the stadium’s retractable roof, which boasts the ability to open and close in 10 minutes.

Stadium district chair Tim Sheehy praised the Evers’ proposal as a “forward-looking investment to keep professional baseball in Wisconsin for the next generation, along with its economic impact.”

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Stadium Not a Done Deal

The budget item still has to make it through Wisconsin’s Republican-controlled congress before it can be signed by Evers, a Democrat.

State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos critiqued the governor’s approach, saying “Governor Evers drops this bomb in the budget, never mentioning or attempting to collaborate with the Legislature in any way.”

Vos added that he looks “forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to ensure that the Brewers stay in Wisconsin.”

Evers has argued that the upfront payment would save $200 million compared to a long-term bond and bring an estimated $400 million in revenue over 20 years.

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