Why a Sport Administration Program is Taking a Global Approach to Its Curriculum

University of Miami Professors Touring Facilities in Brazil (Photo via Windy Dees)

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It is now necessary to have a global point-of-view when it comes to the opportunities and challenges facing technology, sponsorship, merchandising, and media in the sport industry. These new developments mean an exciting future for those wishing to pursue or continue their career in sport.

To be successful in navigating a global industry even industry insiders and experts must adapt their mindset. To address the need for a global perspective, the University of Miami’s online MSED in Sport Administration program has developed a program that prepares students to think globally as they enter into or advance in such a rapidly paced industry.

As an online program, the MSED in Sport Administration is uniquely positioned to bring students from across the globe into the same classroom. This global environment within a University with a strong reputation among those in the industry is what drew alumni Marcelo Claudino to the program.

Claudino is a Brazilian entrepreneur who currently serves as the CEO and founder of TopConsulting, a financial advising firm that specializes in serving professional athletes and TopSoccer, which boasts 60 clients in 7 different countries beyond Brazil: USA (MLS), Portugal, China, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Korea and Japan. In 2015, he decided to enroll in an international sport administration program to ensure he could expertly navigate the industry of his clients.

He chose the University of Miami’s MSED in Sport Administration based on reputation, but also because of the faculty members who taught the course. Claudino explains, “I felt that I needed an overseas learning experience to be more involved and prepared to work in global sports industry. I searched for many courses in the United States and the reputation of the U Miami Sport Administration program as well its faculty-led degree led me to apply for the program”

After graduation, Claudino was invited to join the University’s new Sport Industry Leadership Council (SILC), launched by Professor Warren A. Whisenant, Chair of the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences. Claudino was chosen as a founding member of the SILC given his extensive industry experience and his ongoing commitment to the University of Miami.

By participating in SILC, which will offer mentoring opportunities among other initiatives, Claudino hopes to help students in several ways: “First, by sharing our experience, those things we can only learn when you have worked in the industry. Second, by providing insights and shortcuts to help them pave their own roads. Finally, by providing opportunities to University of Miami students in South America.”

Additionally, Claudino recently invited members of the program’s faculty to travel to Brazil to explore collaborative opportunities with some of the top sport organizations in the country. including Sada Cruzeiro, Brazil’s leading professional men’s volleyball team; Clube de Regatas do Flamengo, the most popular soccer team in Brazil; and Cruzeiro Esporte Clube, another popular soccer team.

The trip to Brazil was only one initiative UM is taking to help to further the missions of the Sport Administration program and UOnline, which include expanding UM’s reputation and influence globally as the premier institution for developing future leaders in the sport industry, and offering students as many networking, learning, and mentoring opportunities as possible.

Claudino believes that the MSED in Sport Administration degree is more valuable than ever. “The program is strongly connected to what happens in sports industry now, globally speaking.”

*UOnline is a proud partner of Front Office Sports