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Webinar: How Does TikTok Fit Into Your Social Measurement Strategy?

  • As the platform continues to mature, teams need to have a better understanding of what success on the platform looks like.
  • Conviva's tools help teams gain an advantage in this area with detailed metrics.
Oct 13, 2019; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; A general view of the Miami Dolphins logo is seen before a game against the Washington Redskins at Hard Rock Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

TikTok is quickly becoming a must-have social network for brands. More than 75% of the sports teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and MLS have accounts and are already putting up serious numbers. As more teams and organizations spend time and resources on TikTok, there becomes an increased need to measure and quantify results on the platform.

In this webinar, Miami Dolphins Sr. Manager of Social, Stuart Drew and Nick Cicero, VP of Strategy Conviva sit down with Joe Londergan of Front Office Sports to walk through how they are incorporating TikTok into their overall social measurement strategy for a comprehensive picture of their social success.

Edited highlights appear below:

On the Dolphins being a data-driven organization and how that pertains to TikTok (3:49)

Drew: “It really just gives us that real information. It’s very black and white…It really gives us that real measurement of how we’re performing socially across all platforms. With TikTok, we started back at the end of September and were doing some research and wanted to see what other teams were doing. We jumped in on it and for us we thought we would have some really big successes and with one video and it didn’t perform as well. So it was definitely a learning curve for us. Being able to then eventually get the analytics through the platform and now getting to analytics through Conviva has been a really big help for us because we can really dive into how this video performed and here’s the audience that it reached. This video is back trending again after we posted in October. It is really interesting because with TikTok, how things start, you know, trending and trending again. Just being able to measure that has been really unique for us.”

Benefits of Conviva’s TikTok analytics as opposed to the platform’s native analytics (29:42)

Cicero: “If a group like the Dolphins wants to decide to make a lot more TikTok content in the coming season, they have to justify the value and somewhere else is going to have to shift, right? They may make a call a little bit less content on one platform, or maybe not…But once again, you need to be able to measure that in the context of all of your different channels and all of your different platforms. So once again, having them in a centralized location, as well as specialized metrics, really helps give you a direction of just the posts themselves.”

On the longevity of TikTok as a platform (34:58)

Drew: “This is a whole different audience that we’re reaching than on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It’s younger than ever. We’re wanting to get our brand out there to younger fans. I think that it’s still continuing to grow in popularity. There are now TikTok influencers that have millions and millions of followers. I think that it’s trending in the right direction…It will be interesting if Instagram or Twitter decided to come up with some sort of competitor that’s already built in that app. I think that right now it still is extremely popular. We continue to still see growth and following. Right now, we’re all in on it and we will continue to be until we feel otherwise.”

Most important metrics to have in a TikTok metrics report (48:49)

Drew: “It’s kind of a mixture. You want to show your video views [and that] we’re getting seen by different accounts that might not be following us, obviously showcasing our growth. We saw a decent amount in the last three months with the draft. But showing the engagement, showing that these people are not just scrolling, seeing a second of our video and continuing to pass on. They’re watching it, they’re commenting on it and then hopefully they’re sharing it and then engaging with the community too…So for us we want to show that we’re a presence. We’re not just posting, checking that box and then showing that a video got this engagement rate. I think that engagement rate is super important with TikTok because I think that the audience, they want to be engaging with the brands more than ever.”