Warriors Sign Steph Curry to Largest Contract in NBA History

He can thank Kevin Durant for taking a pay cut to making it all possible.

Curry is expected to sign his five-year, $201 million dollar “supermax” contract. Photo via USA Today

Steph Curry is headed back to the Bay Area.

The former league MVP has signed one of the first “supermax” deals worth $201 million dollars over the course of five years.

How is this possible? Curry can thank his teammate Kevin Durant for wanting to keep the core of this Warriors franchise together by taking around $5 million less than the max contract.

Over the last four seasons, the Warriors paid Steph Curry $44 million dollars in total. Once the ink dries on his new deal, he will earn an average $40.2 million dollars per year for the next five years.

Curry’s new deal will have him making almost $7 million dollars more than LeBron James, who will now become the NBA’s second-highest paid player with an annual salary of just over $33 million dollars.

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